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HGH Therapy Before And After Treatment: What Does A Patient Feel?

HGH Therapy Before and After

HGH therapy can have the power to dramatically change how a person looks and feels before and after treatment. When most people begin to develop a deficiency in their growth hormone levels, they can usually start to see signs and feel symptoms of the depletion. This is how very powerful growth hormone is for the human body. HGH therapy before and after treatment can be very telling of how remarkable this kind of therapy is for so many people.

When a patient of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) goes through treatment, this is what HGH before and after for females and males can look like:


  • Lethargy, tiredness, fatigue and low energy
  • Low sexual desire and low sexual libido
  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Weak bone mineral density
  • Greater risk for developing osteoporosis
  • Less acute vision
  • Difficulty with sleeping
  • Weight gain
  • A slower metabolism
  • Loss of lean muscle mass
  • Weak skin elasticity
  • Noticeable wrinkles
  • Saggy skin and crow’s feet around eyes
  • Nails do not grow
  • Balding and/or thinning hair
  • Low stamina and endurance
  • Body, joint and muscle pain
  • Mild depression, anxiety, irritability and moodiness
  • A poor attitude towards the future
  • Higher LDL cholesterol levels
  • Higher risk for heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis


  • Bursting energy and excitement for life
  • Increased sexual energy, desire and libido
  • Greater ability to achieve an erection
  • Less symptoms from menopause
  • Strong bones that do not easily break
  • Less risk for developing osteoporosis
  • Sharper vision
  • Much better sleeping patterns
  • Loss of excess body fat
  • A faster metabolism
  • More lean muscle mass
  • Tighter skin
  • Fading of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin has a healthier glow
  • Nail grow stronger and faster
  • Hair grows in thicker and stronger
  • More stamina and endurance
  • Feeling stronger with less overall pain
  • An overall more stable emotional state
  • Excitement towards life and the future
  • More normal LDL cholesterol levels
  • Less risk for heart related diseases

HGH before and after results can be quite amazing and dramatically improve a person’s quality of life. When the symptoms of low growth hormone levels hit a person (depending upon their severity), they can rob him or her of all quality of life.

Low GH levels can drop self esteem to levels so low that person may want to give up on life. Hormone replacement therapy can reverse all of that and present people with a reason to live again. Patients of HRT usually feel energetic, strong and excited about their jobs, relationships and futures.

What Happens During Each Month Of HGH Therapy

There is no set formula for each person when it comes to the before and after HGH results that they will see when participating in therapy. However, as a whole, experts have come up with generalizations about when their patients notice changes in their physical, emotional, mental and sexual health.

  • HGH before and after 1 month:

The before and after changes during the first month of HGH therapy begin with an increase in energy. This will surely be noticeable for most patients who began treatment with extreme fatigue and tiredness. Stamina will pick up, along with endurance giving the person a greater ability to be active. These benefits along with better sleep at night will help give the patient a much better overall emotional state.

  • HGH before and after 2 months

In the second month of HGH therapy, a person who was once void of energy and lacking the motivation to do just about anything will be more excited to get out of bed in the morning. He or she will experience some weight loss. This loss of excess body fat will help them to gain energy and more self esteem. The extra weight usually comes off of the abdomen first.

In the second month of HGH therapy, muscles will grow more. This will help to give the patient the beginnings of a better physique. To also help improve self esteem, the skin will become tighter taking away noticeable fine lines and wrinkles. Balding or thinning hair will cease and grow instead – along with nails.

  • HGH before and after 3 months

The third month of HGH therapy brings with it more energy, stamina and endurance. Sleep continues to be more consistent, as does weight loss and muscle gain. A person may start to feel more sexually charged with a stronger sexual libido and ability to fantasize. People find that during this phase of HGH therapy, sparks come back into their intimate relationships.

  • HGH before and after 4 months

During the fourth month of HGH therapy, a person will continue to feel better and start to have an increased ability to focus and concentrate. Physical appearance will continue to improve, along with weight loss and muscle gain.

  • HGH before and after 5 months

During the fifth month of HGH therapy, the patient will continue seeing all of the benefits of treatment as mentioned above, but to a greater extent. Weight loss, muscle gain, thickening hair, growing nails and a reduction in facial wrinkles, cellulite, crow’s feet and sagging skin will be noticeable.

  • HGH before and after 6 months

By the sixth month of therapy, most of the remarkable benefits of hormone replacement therapy will be highly noticeable. A person will have a new view of a future filled with excitement and joy. The client will feel better about themselves, be enjoying sexual relations more with the elimination of erectile dysfunction and more sexual desire, and their personal and social relationships will grow stronger.

The HGH therapy before and after results can change the quality of life for any person going through HRT with medical supervision and a healthy overall lifestyle. For more information about what kinds of HGH before and after for women and men results you can obtain, please reach out to us. You can fill out our online contact form or call us directly. Either way, in no time at all you can be speaking to an expert clinical advisor about how to change your life with safe, legal and effective HGH therapy.