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Growth Hormone Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction – a condition that no man wants but too many face in their lives.  For some males who suffer from ED, treatment with growth hormone therapy for erectile dysfunction can have a marked improvement in their sexual performance and satisfaction.

ED occurs when a man has trouble attaining or maintaining an erection that can sustain satisfactory sexual performance and pleasure. Some males first notice the loss of their morning erection. Others find that they suffer from a decrease in desire that makes it difficult to achieve a state of arousal.

In this report, we will answer some questions about why the use of HGH therapy for erectile dysfunction can have a positive effect on sexual performance.

How does HGH help erectile dysfunction?
First of all, know that HGH injections only provide positive benefits for individuals who are diagnosed with low human growth hormone levels. Growth hormone stimulates insulin growth factor 1 production in the liver. IGF-1 then mediates the production of endothelial nitric oxide which increases cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) formation which relaxes vascular smooth muscle. It is only then that the penis becomes engorged with blood for a strong erection.
Does HGH cure erectile dysfunction in men?
It is not so much that HGH therapy is a cure for ED, but that it reverses the effects of growth hormone deficiency on erectile functions. If the cause of a man’s erection problems is low HGH levels, then treatment to increase the amount of HGH in the body will restore proper functions.

Growth Hormone Benefits for Sexual Performance

When growth hormone deficiency is present in men, fatigue becomes a common factor. The body experiences heightened stress which increases the amount of cortisol in the bloodstream. High levels of cortisol prohibit the body from producing normal amounts of HGH as well as testosterone and estrogen. All of these hormones are crucial for proper erectile functions.

When there are low levels of growth hormone, erectile dysfunction becomes a likely reality for many males. Treatment with HGH helps lower cortisol levels, thereby providing a better state for relaxation and sleep. Since both growth hormone and testosterone are produced in abundance during periods of REM sleep, the increase experienced can help improve sexual performance.

How can HGH help erectile dysfunction for increased sexual pleasure?
Fatigue and stress can also reduce feelings of sexual desire. If a person is tired, he is less inclined to be in the mood for sex. As HGH therapy improves sleep and reduces stress, speedier feelings of arousal occur. With increased blood flow to the penis, erections last longer, and coupled with increased stamina, longer, more satisfying intercourse occurs.

The use of growth hormone therapy for erectile dysfunction brings relatively rapid results – the majority of men notice a difference within a few weeks of beginning treatment.

HGH and Sex Drive – How to Improve Erectile Functions

Sex drive is not the same for all men. While some people relish daily intercourse, once a week or a few times a month is fine for others. ED is subjective – when you cannot perform as you desire that is when you have a problem.

For men with adult growth hormone deficiency, using HGH for erectile dysfunction turns on a light that may have seemed to go out. Not only does HGH therapy help with testosterone production as you will be sleeping better at night, but it will also (through increased testosterone) help to improve sperm production.

Stronger, longer lasting erections, heightened orgasms, and increased pleasure are all possible for men who receive growth hormone therapy for erectile dysfunction when low HGH levels are diagnosed via blood analysis.

While low levels of HGH and erectile dysfunction are a male issue, women with growth hormone deficiency also suffer from decreased sex drive and even vaginal dryness. Treatment for HGH deficiency can also improve female sex drive, performance, and pleasure.

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