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HGH Therapy as Anti-Aging Treatment: Does it Work?

Anti-Aging Treatment

Aging brings knowledge, experience, and certain freedoms missing from youth – but for some, it can also mean debilitating physical decline. Specific hormone levels begin to decline after puberty. If a chemical messenger such as human growth hormone decreases too much, critical functions in the body begin to suffer. That is why some people view HGH as anti-aging. It restores optimum performance to areas that have exhibited decline.

What is HGH and does it work to reverse the effects of aging?

HGH (human growth hormone, somatotropin, GH) is one of the most important of all chemicals circulating in the bloodstream. Its impact is felt by the immune system, cell regeneration, brain, heart, internal organs, muscles, bones, metabolism, and more.

When we talk about using HGH therapy for anti-aging here at Greenberg Health, what we really mean is balancing the body’s hormones. Balanced hormone levels enable optimum functioning throughout the body. For some, that means improving physical appearance, memory, and sexual performance – all areas equated with anti-aging.

To achieve positive HGH anti-aging results, a doctor who prescribes hormone replacement therapy runs diagnostic blood tests. The measuring of various hormone and other blood levels is critical to an accurate diagnosis.

How Growth Hormone Deficiency Ages the Body

The body needs growth hormone at every age. HGH anti-aging properties influence the regeneration and growth of new cells. If for no other reason, think about all the reasons why the body requires new cells:

  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Muscles
  • Internal organs
  • Bones
  • Nails
  • Tissues
  • Blood

Without new cells to take the places of those dying off, the body would rapidly deteriorate and age. That is why many people look to HGH for anti-aging benefits.

Growth hormone deficiency also decreases sleep duration and quality. Lack of sleep is another factor in premature aging. You become tired, listless, run-down – stress increases, and mood alterations are likely. Fatigue, lack of concentration, decreased motivation – all contribute to mental, emotional, and physiological aging.

Benefits of Using HGH Therapy as an Anti-Aging Treatment

Imagine your metabolism burning through your stored fat. Next, new cells improve lean muscle growth and strengthen your bones. Your body will feel as strong as it did when you were younger. That is the basis for using HGH therapy for anti-aging purposes. It is not about stopping time – that is not possible. What HGH does is give your body the tools it needs for peak performance.

By improving cellular regeneration, HGH goes to the source of your problems and restores skin tone, hair growth, nail strength, and even eyesight. You may not see 20-20 again, but you will notice a decrease in nighttime blurriness.

Here are some positive benefits to expect when you learn how to use HGH for anti-aging:

  • Thicker, firmer skin – decreased signs of skin aging
  • Improved hair growth and possible color return
  • Better toned physique
  • Sharper memory and brain functions
  • Lower cholesterol and improved cardiac health

The body should not age to the point where it affects you physically, mentally, or emotionally. If these changes occur, you may benefit from receiving HGH therapy if you have growth hormone deficiency.

Will a Doctor Prescribe HGH for Anti-Aging?

Doctors only prescribe HGH to adults whose bodies are deficient in human growth hormones. Blood analysis is the only measuring tool that determines this shortage. You will also need a physical examination to rule out other health issues and provide information used to determine treatment.

To find anti-aging doctors and HGH specialists that can help restore hormonal balance, you can do the following:

  • Ask friends or family members for the names of their doctors if you know they received hormone replacement therapy
  • Ask your physician for a referral – this may or may not bring an answer
  • Search online for a hormone clinic

When you contact an anti-aging clinic and HGH is prescribed following the completion of the diagnostic steps, you will see incredible changes. Your body will begin to feel stronger and more energized than it has in years.

What is the best anti-aging HGH for women? Injections are the only form of HGH that women and men should use. All other products are merely homeopathic blends of amino acids. It is also important to buy your HGH injections from licensed US pharmacies to ensure safety and results.

To speak to a doctor about getting HGH therapy, contact Greenberg Health for a free consultation.