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What Is HGH and Why Are More People Asking Where to Get it?

What is HGH and Where Can I get it

There is a treatment available for men and women who are dealing with many unpleasant changes in their bodies that has adults all across the US questioning what is HGH and why are more people asking where to get it.

Human growth hormone is the bioidentical version of a substance secreted by the pituitary gland that is known as somatotropin (growth hormone, GH). This is one of the most important of all chemical messengers produced in the body. It plays a direct or indirect role in metabolism, cellular regeneration, muscle and bone development, energy, immunity, cognitive functions, and even sexual ability and enjoyment.

Anyone who finds him or herself wondering what is HGH and where can I get it needs only turn to a clinic such as Greenberg Health for answers.

HGH injections fill in the missing gap between what the body has been producing in terms of somatotropin and what it actually needs in order to thrive. Just as air, water, and food are necessary to keep the body functioning, its many hormones also have important roles to play. When an imbalance is created, as is the case when age or other medical issues cause a decline in secretion of one of these valuable messengers, supplementation is required to step in to bring the body back to a state of homeostasis – balance.

In order to prescribe HGH therapy, a doctor will require the following steps to be completed:

  • A comprehensive medical history form must be filled out detailing any previous or current health related issues.
  • A blood test must be done to rule out other medical concerns while at the same time checking to see if a growth hormone deficiency is present.
  • Each person must undergo a physical examination by a doctor of his or her own choosing.

Once each of the items above has been completed, all results will be sent directly to Greenberg Health’s hormone replacement therapy (HRT) clinic for review by a specialist. People who ask what is HGH and where can I get it often wonder why their own family physicians do not routinely prescribe this treatment. HRT is like any other specialty – meaning that doctors who practice in this area undergo advanced training to bring the finest care to the people who turn to them for help.

Find the Right Doctor to Prescribe HGH Injections

When a suspicion of GH deficiency is present, locating a doctor with the experience to diagnose and treat it is crucial. HRT specialists are available across the US in many cities. Even if one cannot be located nearby, getting help is as close as one’s fingertips with the internet making it possible to find a national hormone center such as Greenberg Health.

No need to wonder what is HGH and where can I get it when the answers can appear in a search engine. There are some warnings to understand before determining whom to contact for help. Not every company that offers HGH for sale is a medical clinic. Some are strictly sales-oriented operations while others are promoting the use of steroids for bodybuilders and athletes.

HGH is not a steroid, nor is it approved for the use in any type of sports or physical enhancement program. Human growth hormone therapy is only to be used by people dealing with a deficiency in the production of this vital compound.

When looking to get answers to what is HGH and where can I get it, follow these guidelines for successful treatment:

  • Avoid any websites that use the work steroids in their title or description of services
  • Steer clear of companies that cater to bodybuilders and athletes
  • Beware of the terms “sale” or “cheap” – these are not what a person wants when looking to purchase medications that are meant to improve health
  • Only contact clinics in the United States – foreign companies are not regulated to prescribe or sell pharmaceutical products in the US

A doctor who specializes in the treatment of hormonal imbalance and deficiency, whether locally or nationally based, is the best option to ensure that safe and legal HGH injections are provided.

Where is the Best Place to Buy HGH?

When searching for a proper clinic that provides hormone replacement therapy, avoiding the “traps” mentioned in the previous section will help with the selection process.

Legitimate HGH treatment is only available as an injectable. This makes it a prescription only medication that must come from a pharmacy. Internet websites that allow for the purchase of products such as this without a prescription are operating illegally if they sell and ship medications to customers in the US.

Most of these businesses are located in foreign countries that make them immune to US laws. That does not make the purchase of HGH from them legal or safe.

In regards to the legalities here is what could occur:

  • The shipment could get confiscated upon entry in this country
  • A buyer in the US could be prosecuted for purchasing this medication without a prescription

There is an even bigger concern for people who ask what is HGH and where can I get it when they opt to take the illegal route, as shown below:

  • The product shipped might not be what was ordered due to the following reasons:

It might be passed the usable expiration date

There could be contaminants or bacterial residue making it dangerous to use

Unregulated substances could be added during the manufacturing process

The medication could have been diluted or switched for another drug

  • The company could be fraudulent and not ship anything at all
  • There is no way of knowing the proper dosage to administer without a doctor’s order

These are all valid reasons why turning to a doctor is the best way to get prescription HGH injections.

With over 11,000 websites online that are engaged in the sale of pharmaceutical products, and only 4% found to be completely legitimate and in accordance with all guidelines for the dispensing of medications, the safest way to make the right choice when looking for where to get HGH therapy is by turning to an HRT doctor here in this country.

The professional staff at Greenberg Health has helped men and women across the US feel revitalized and renewed with legitimate, safe, and effective human growth hormone therapy, and we are here to help all adults over thirty get the help they need.