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What Is HGH and What Does It Do?

What is Growth Hormone

HGH is a substance that goes by many names: human growth hormone, somatotropin, growth hormone, or GH, but all refer to a 191 amino acid polypeptide chemical messenger secreted by the pituitary gland. Some people consider HGH to be the terminology for human growth hormones biologically produced in a laboratory to the exact properties of naturally occurring somatotropin.

What is HGH going to do when administered to the body?

Supplemental HGH fills in what is missing when the pituitary gland no longer produces enough growth hormones to fulfill the body’s daily needs. The decline begins after linear growth ends, often by the time a person reaches his or her late twenties. The decrease continues each year, and although the body should naturally adjust to this change, that does not always happen.

What is HGH and what does it do that leads to its necessity throughout life?

While some people naturally assume that “growth hormone” is no longer needed after adult height is achieved, that is not the case. HGH continues to stimulate cellular growth and regeneration every day of one’s life.

Just look down at any part of your body, and you will see HGH at work, supplying an abundant supply of skin cells that covers your muscles and tissues, both of which also need new cells daily. Your hair, blood, nails, internal organs, bones – are all made up of cells that grow, die off, and need replacing.

How Does HGH Impact the Body?

If cellular regeneration were the only function of HGH, that would surely be enough reason to protect the supply of growth hormones in the body. However, the impact of HGH does not stop there.

What is HGH used for in addition to supplying new cells?

  • Let us begin with metabolism: HGH supports metabolic functions by sending signals that aid in the processing of lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins. This, in turn, leads to an increase in energy and a decrease in stored visceral fat.
  • Next, we have brain functions: the brain houses an abundance of growth hormone receptors that promote learning, cognitive performance, and memory.
  • Do not forget about immunity: HGH helps strengthen the immune system to fight off invading germs as well as shortening the time of recovery from injury and illness.

What is HGH and how does it work to improve appearance?

Through the process of cellular reproduction, HGH firms and tightens the skin, increases hair growth and thickness, improves muscle tone, and reduces belly fat. The result: a better-toned physique and more youthful appearance.

These are only a few of the ways that HGH works in the body. It also supports a healthy libido, lower cholesterol levels, improved heart health, stronger bones, sharper eyesight, and many other critical daily functions.

Where Can I Get HGH?

HGH is a controlled medication – meaning you can only get it with a doctor’s prescription. We are not talking about the illegal HGH that you can buy online because that is dangerous judiciously and medically. Putting aside the fact that you can land yourself in legal hot water and face prosecution for purchasing HGH online without a prescription, you can do severe damage to your body if you increase human growth hormone levels too high.

When asking what is HGH and where can I get it during an online search, you want to find a website that links to a legitimate hormone replacement clinic, such as here at Greenberg Health. You will need a medical consultation (we provide this for free by phone), a blood test (we will arrange for this locally), and a physical examination (you choose the doctor) before you can receive a prescription for HGH injections. We even simplify the process by providing your health forms on our website for easy completion.

We are often asked what is a good HGH to take, and this is important to know: much of the HGH that comes from other countries are of inferior quality – or even worse, counterfeit and dangerous to inject. Only when the HGH comes from a licensed pharmacy in the US can you be certain it is safe to use. We recommend the following HGH injection brands:

For more information about HGH, growth hormone deficiency, or to schedule diagnostic testing or learn about your affordable treatment options, contact Greenberg Health by completing the form above or calling 877-925-5577 today.