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Say Yes to This Way of Getting More HGH Replenished in Your Body

How to Get More HGH in Your Body

If you are over thirty, and looking for how to raise your human growth hormone level, then it is time to say yes to this way of getting more HGH replenished in your body.

Getting older does not have to mean growing fatter, slowing down, losing one’s good looks, or worrying about low libido. These changes could easily be associated with adult growth hormone deficiency – AGHD. There is something you can do about it that is effective, safe, and legal.

Doctor prescribed biologically identical HGH injections are used to increase the amount of this vital substance in the body.

How is this medication prescribed?

Simply complete these easy steps for how to get more HGH in your body:

  • Call our hormone replacement therapy clinic
  • Speak with a medical advisor to discuss your symptoms and personal situation
  • Be scheduled for a blood test at a local lab
  • Get a physical exam with a doctor of your choosing and have the results sent to us
  • Complete our online medical questionnaire
  • Schedule a follow-up phone consultation to discuss the results and choose from our many treatment options

The sooner you make that phone call, the sooner the process can begin to turn your life around. It is easy to sit back and do nothing – letting days run into one another without so much as a thought about all of that wasted time. Then one day, another birthday comes and goes, and you stop and wonder where the time went.

Believe it or not, it is just as easy to learn how to get more HGH in your body without having to expend a great deal of time, money, or energy on the diagnostic process. Greenberg Health can simplify the entire procedure in order to get you back on track with the future you desire.

What Are the Options for HGH Treatment?

There are many different options for treatment with HGH therapy, although not all of them will be recommended by our doctors who are hormone replacement specialists. It is imperative to pay close attention to this section to understand where not to waste your money.

Many companies advertise HGH treatments online that are not what they seem to be. Some of these products can also be found on store shelves, waiting to be cracked down on by government agencies for faulty advertising.

If you are searching how to get more HGH in your body, you do not want to be misled into spending money on something that does not work.

Here is what you should avoid: drops, sprays, pellets, patches, pills, and lotions, creams or gels. Look carefully at the packaging of any of these products, and you will see the statement that it doesn’t contain any actual human growth hormone. It is merely a collection of herbs and vitamins which they propose will encourage your body to release more growth hormone on its own. These rarely work and are actually just marketing lies.

Human growth hormone is only produced in the form of an injectable. The real HGH molecule is too big to pass through the skin or the membranes of the mouth or nose. Once ingested, it will be destroyed by the body’s natural digestive processes and enzymes.

HGH injections are the only true way of how to get more HGH in your body in a way that will adequately provide an increased amount of human growth hormones for the various functions that rely on this chemical messenger to use.

Once again for the record, the other types of products mentioned above typically have very tiny print on their packaging or in the ads that show that they do not increase the amount of GH in the body. Instead, they claim to “boost” the pituitary gland into secreting a higher level of this essential compound. Once again, these products are a waste of money for people who are ready to improve their healthfulness and vitality.

Is There More Than One Type of HGH Injection?

The other way in which there are different options for HGH therapy is the selection of the brand and style of the injector that will be used to self-administer the medication.

The doctors at Greenberg Health have chosen the following superior brands of human growth hormones for those of you searching for how to get more HGH in your body:

  • Eli Lilly’s Humatrope
  • Pfizer’s Genotropin
  • Sandoz’s Omnitrope
  • EMD Serono’s Saizen
  • Novo Nordisk’s Norditropin

Each of these products have been chosen by our specialists based on the high-quality standards of each of the pharmaceutical companies listed, the options that are offered, and the positive results that will be achieved from the HGH treatment that is ordered.

Adults who are diagnosed with low GH levels following blood testing will be prescribed a regimen of treatment with a dosage of this bioidentical medication based solely on their individual needs. This is a highly personalized type of treatment and not a generically one-size-fits-all type of care. That is why doctor supervision and proper diagnostic procedures must be followed to ensure that the proper dosage is being ordered when you to know how to get more HGH in your body.

In regards to the different styles of injectors, here is a composite view of the offerings:

  • Standard vials that contain the medication in a freeze-dried powder that requires prior reconstitution with a bacteriostatic solution before use. This is used in conjunction with single use syringes and tiny needles.
  • Individual, pre-filled syringes in the particular dosage that has been prescribed. These are excellent for people who travel frequently and do not have access to keeping their medications refrigerated at all times.
  • All-in-one HGH injections pen units with pre-filled cartridges. These may or may not be pre-mixed, but if not, the sterile solution is typically in another chamber and mixes with a twist or click of the pen.
  • Injector units with disposable, replaceable cartridges.

If this all seems complicated, or as if it will be difficult to make the right decision about how to get more HGH in your body, worry not – our medical advisors at Greenberg Health will help you with the decision.

The first thing we do is take the prescription that the doctor has authorized and determine which products actually will meet the dosing requirements. We then discuss any lifestyle needs the person might have, and go over the various product pricings to find the option that best fits into both budget and lifestyle areas.

This is how we ensure that each person makes the best choice for him or herself. Increasing growth hormone levels with the proper amount of bioidentical HGH is the best way to improve one life today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Let us help you realize a future that is teeming with vitality, passion, drive, and fulfillment. Call our clinic today and speak with an experienced medical advisor about how hormone replacement therapy can benefit you.