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Save Money on Your HGH Therapy Cost

HGH Therapy Cost

You cannot put a price tag on good health, especially when your growth hormone levels decline to a point where serious medical concerns are possible. If anything is priceless, it is your well-being in a world that throws germs and environmental dangers at you at every turn. One thing you can count on is that your HGH therapy cost does not have to prevent you from seeking treatment.

Unlike two decades ago when doctors first prescribed the one and only brand of supplemental, bioidentical human growth hormone injections to adults diagnosed with low GH levels, today there are many companies with products that keep prices low enough for most people needing treatment. Yes, in the beginning, the HGH hormone replacement therapy cost was much higher than it is today – often thousands of dollars a month. The expense to develop this medication took a long time to recoup, and prices were kept high. Once other pharmaceutical companies entered the market, treatment for growth hormone deficiency became affordable.

We know you want to save money on your HGH therapy. How much does it cost is a question that has numerous variables for an answer. The level of your deficiency, the dosage you require, and how your body ultimately reacts to the HGH will all affect this determination. If your GH decline is still in the early stages, you can save further by using Sermorelin to help increase growth hormone secretion naturally.

How the Cost of HGH Therapy is Determined

The HGH cost depends on numerous variables, including which brand and style of injectable you choose. You probably already spend a lot of money on your health. You may buy organic produce and meat. Your gym membership comes with a monthly charge. We will not even get into how much health insurance costs these days. So, where does the cost for HGH therapy fit into this picture and how is it determined?

HGH is not cheap, but that does not mean it is expensive. We use the word cheap because we want you to understand that when you see a company advertise “cheap HGH” in the results of an online search when you ask what does HGH therapy cost, you will realize that this is most likely not a legitimate medical clinic. You should only work with an experienced hormone doctor in the US to get a diagnosis and treatment plan for growth hormone deficiency. Websites that advertise cheap prices are often located in other countries. They are breaking US law if they offer to sell HGH without a valid doctor’s prescription.

Your HGH therapy pricing determination relies on a few different factors, including:

  • HGH brand selection
  • Style of injectable – standard vial or injector pen system
  • Dosage to administer
  • Frequency of injections
  • Duration of treatment

The doctor will run blood tests that measure hormone and other levels in the blood which will help provide the answer to the dosage, frequency, and duration questions. That information, along with the findings from a physical exam and medical history form will round out the diagnostic process.

How to Lower the Cost of HGH Therapy

You do not have to pay high prices for your HGH treatment. Sure, you can contact a local clinic, sit around in a waiting room, and pay more for office visits. Alternatively, you can lower the cost of HGH therapy by contacting Greenberg Health, a premier national hormone replacement therapy clinic that bypasses the need for in-house appointments.

Your body and your circumstances for needing HGH therapy are as unique as you are. Human growth hormone treatment is not one-size-fits-all, and no one should tell you that there is a standard dosage of this medication. That is why legitimate medical clinics never advertise prices on their websites. This would be a tremendous injustice to the people who need this medication. Your HGH treatment cost will be personalized for your well-being.

Since we provide all consultations by phone, you will save the money that a local doctor would have charged you for office visits. Additionally, when you are looking at lowering your HGH therapy cost, US doctors specializing in HRT at our clinic provide a wide variety of treatment options that fit most anyone’s budgetary concerns. You can choose between decreasing your cost by using standard vials and syringe methods of treatment or pay a little more for the convenience of injector pens or single dose syringes. The choice is yours, and we give you many options to choose from for your HGH therapy.

For your free consultation with a hormone specialist, contact Greenberg Health today.