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You’re Not Going to Get Healthier without Getting Real HGH to Use

How to Know You're Getting Real HGH

If you are dealing with symptoms related to a decline in growth hormone (GH) production, you need to know that you are getting real HGH injections. Counterfeit or illegal human growth hormone injections can be dangerous, and you’re not going to get healthier without getting real HGH to use that has been authorized by a doctor.

Black market pharmaceutical sales have become a booming industry thanks to the introduction of the internet. Manufacturers throughout the world create their own, off-label, version of some of the most popular drugs that people are looking to buy. This includes steroids, antibiotics, Viagra, and, yes, even human growth hormones.

Not only can illegal HGH be found for sale online, but knock-off products that are not injections claim to do the same thing all the time. In other words, there is quite a lot to watch out for before clicking “buy” on a website.

Here is how to know you’re getting real HGH at all times:

  1. Get a valid prescription from a doctor who is a specialist in the medical field of hormone replacement – this requires a blood test to prove that a GH deficiency is present.
  2. Only accept medication that comes directly from a regulated and licensed US pharmacy.
  3. Never buy this medication from online pharmacies or companies located in other countries.
  4. Do not accept HGH in any form other than an injectable.

Each of these issues will be discussed in further detail in the sections below to help you understand how to know you’re getting real HGH that will work to correct your low GH production.

Why Getting Real HGH from a Doctor is Important

As with many other varieties of pharmaceutical products, human growth hormone is a medication that requires a doctor’s written prescription. Unlike many over-the-counter products that pose little or no danger if taken accidently or in too high a dosage, HGH should never be adminstered or used by people with no need for it.

There is a crucial hormonal balance that should be maintained in the body at all times, and increasing any one particular, such substance higher than its ideal point can be dangerous and throw many of the physiological functions out of whack, so to speak.

The importance that lies regarding how to know you’re getting real HGH and health care practitioners who are specialists in this health care field is in the ordering and interpretation of blood test results. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) experts understand the delicate chemical balance that must be maintained, and they know which blood panels to order to determine who is to be considered a candidate for this transformational therapy.

Along with that determination are the careful calculations regarding how much HGH to prescribe for use by an individual. An overabundance of bioidentical human growth hormones can result in further medical issues in the terms of side effects that are undesirable. If too little is prescribed, then the person might not even reap any positive benefits from this treatment.

Another reason why working with a doctor who is an HRT practitioner is important to the subject of how to know you’re getting real HGH is that a medical professional will not prescribe inferior medications that could put a person’s health or well-being at risk. The goal of any type of treatment is to bring about positive change.

Why Should All Medications Come from Licensed US Pharmacies?

This section of the report will answer the issues brought up in both items 2 and 3 from the first section.  We are addressing the subject of purchasing medications such as human growth hormones from licensed US pharmacies as opposed to companies found online that are located in other countries.

Local pharmacies operating in the United States are under strict regulations. There are standards that must be followed to prevent them from losing their licenses. If you are wondering how to know you’re getting real HGH, imagine what would happen if a drug store in this country was found to be selling medications that were not approved for sale by the government. The store would be shut down immediately.

These steps are taken to protect the well-being of the American people.

Now let’s turn the focus to international companies that can be found operating solely on the internet. It is up to the individual nations’ governments to police their own businesses, and in some countries, there is little to no legal oversight at any time.

There are many different reasons why this occurs, including:

  • Lack of funds
  • Ignorance of black market sales
  • Shortage of qualified staff
  • Payoffs
  • Inability to keep up with the wave of companies appearing and disappearing seemingly overnight

If you are wondering how to know you’re getting real HGH and shocked by the list above, please realize that many of the illegal medications being produced are in poor countries that have very little money for government oversight of the multitude of factories and warehouse operations that are continuously popping up. Once one company is shut down, many others are waiting to take the place, not to mention that the operators just open up somewhere else under a different name.

What Are the Dangers of Buying Illegal HGH Injections?

There are many dangers involved with buying illegal HGH injections. Some are just monetary based while others can cause serious illness or even death.

The importance of understanding how to know you’re getting real HGH is shown below in the reasons why illegal human growth hormone sales can be dangerous:

  • Some companies are fraudulent websites and take money without ever intending to ship a product at all. These operations come and go at a rapid pace, leaving no trail behind.
  • Shipments of illegally purchased medications are subject to confiscation upon entering the US.
  • Pharmaceutical products manufactured in filthy warehouses or factories may contain ingredients such as drywall, rat poison, cement, powder, or other substances that can make a person ill.
  • Bacterial residue left over from faulty manufacturing processes can be dangerous.
  • Diluted or expired human growth hormone injections will not provide the desired results and could cause other serious medical issues.

These are just some of the reasons why finding out how to know you’re getting real HGH is crucial before embarking upon this treatment protocol.

Avoid Fake Forms of HGH

Finally, it is time to address the many fake forms of HGH injections that are for sale both online and in stores. These are often marketed by the manufacturers as “boosters” or “releasors” that will help spur the body into producing an increased amount of growth hormone on its own. Although the theory behind them may make a lot of sense, in the long run, the results will not appear.

Why do these products not work?

  1. The human growth hormone molecule is too large to penetrate the nasal or oral membranes, or the skins surface – making patches, sprays, and drops ineffective.
  2. The body’s own digestive processes will destroy any viable properties in pills or oral solutions before they can enter the bloodstream.

The importance of discovering how to know you’re getting real HGH therapy is made clear when you think about what is at stake. The purpose of treatment for growth hormone deficiency is to provide the body with what it needs for ideal well-being and performance. This cannot occur when something that will not work is used in place of something that will provide the desired benefits.

At Greenberg Health, our doctors are hormone replacement specialists who only prescribe the best brands of HGH injections to people whose blood test results show that they are in need of this treatment. We offer many different options in terms of brands of HGH, as well as injector styles to help meet the needs of various budgets and lifestyle requirements.

Contact us for a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your personal situation.