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Counterfeit Warning: Do I Get Real HGH Injections When I Buy Them Online?

How Do I Get Real HGH

An overwhelming majority of internet websites selling drugs are not considered legitimate or safe. The latest research by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy reviewed over 11,000 online websites and discovered that an estimated 96% were not in compliance with the proper guidelines for the sales and dispensing of medications, and that includes HGH injections.

Internet purchases of medications should come with a counterfeit warning. Do I get real HGH injections when I buy them online? What steps can I take to ensure a safe purchase?

These are questions every man or woman should ask before clicking buy at an online pharmacy. The facts are staggering:

  • It is estimated that 10% of all medications in the global supply chain are considered to be counterfeit.
  • Some countries reach 70% saturation of counterfeit pharmaceuticals.
  • More than 75% of all Viagra sold is fraudulent.

New websites are popping up at alarming rates, and many do not ever ship a single product. These operations shut down as soon as they make their quota in sales, or when any type of inquiries into their legitimacy begins.

If these risks are true, how do I get real HGH without spending a fortune of money?

There was a time, nearly two decades ago, when the cost of human growth hormone injections was astronomical. Back then, only one pharmaceutical company was manufacturing HGH, and only a handful of doctors were providing this treatment to major celebrities and superstars.

That has changed, and there are now legitimate hormone replacement specialists across the US helping men and women over thirty who are dealing with growth hormone (GH) deficiency get the help and treatment they need. HGH therapy has become affordable now with many well-known pharmaceutical companies producing this medication.

No longer do people have to wonder how do I get real HGH safely without breaking the bank. There are many options to make this treatment affordable, but first, blood testing is required to diagnose this condition.

Buy Real HGH from a Trusted Source

The first thing to do is locate a trusted source in which to buy HGH from safely and legally. Only a doctor can prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to adults. This requires blood testing, physical examination, and a complete medical background and profile of the person looking for this treatment. It is vital to ensure that no adverse health conditions are present that could prevent administration of HGH therapy in a safe manner.

When asking, how do I get real HGH injections, the initial step to take is to find the right type of doctor. General or family practitioners do not typically have the in-depth knowledge in this field as specialists: that is why it is best to leave this testing and treatment up to them.

Most people who contact us at Greenberg Health have already been to their own doctors to talk about the symptoms that they are experiencing and dealing with. Some have even undergone various types of diagnostic tests that have all turned up with no answers.

The worst thing that a person can hear when facing undesirable changes in his or her life is that he or she is getting older and that it is time to get used to these new feelings or issues that have occurred, especially if due to low GH levels that can be corrected by growth hormone therapy.

Our doctors are committed to ensuring that people with a verifiable GH deficiency receive the precise dosage of human growth hormones for their needs.

If you find yourself wondering how do I get real HGH, but do not know where to begin your search, contact one of our medical advisors for a free consultation by phone. This will help you to isolate the symptoms in order to determine if blood testing is appropriate at this time.

Why is it Important to Buy Only Real HGH Injections?

The list of reasons why buying only real HGH injections is important seems to grow every day as we learn more about the dangers of online pharmaceutical sales. The sheer influx of companies engaged in this illegal type of sale makes it even more difficult to know where to turn for a safe purchase.

These are some of the important reasons why it is crucial to learn how do I get real HGH before making a purchase of this kind:

  • Counterfeit medications may contain ingredients such as talcum powder, cement, rat poison, and other unknown and unsafe items.
  • Some companies use false labels to fool consumers into thinking that they received what they ordered.
  • Expired drugs are frequently shipped by illegal websites.
  • Many unsafe products have been found to contain bacterial residue that has been left over from the manufacturing process.
  • Counterfeit pharmaceuticals may be diluted to the point where only a small amount of the active ingredient remains, reducing the efficacy of the medication.
  • Many illegal products are manufactured in shoddy or filthy environments.

Following proper purchasing guidelines will eliminate any fears about how do I get real HGH injections. Working with a legitimate and professional US doctor will eradicate those concerns and provide the finest quality human growth hormones to combat GH deficiency.

Buy Real HGH with Confidence

It is entirely possible to buy real HGH injections with confidence when you turn to a US doctor who specializes in hormone replacement. That is what you will find right here at Greenberg Health. Our clinic caters to adults over thirty who require some form of HRT. We conduct all the necessary blood analysis at local labs across the country.

Here are the basic facts each person should know when asking how do I get real HGH:

  • Medications that require a doctor’s prescription should never be purchased without one.
  • Only buy pharmaceutical products from licensed US pharmacies.
  • Avoid unregulated online drug sources that are not located in the US – there is no jurisdiction or protection in place to help with fraudulent or dangerous purchases.
  • Ensure that all diagnostic guidelines are met for whatever treatment you are searching for.

Greenberg Health’s doctors and clinical advisors have years of experience treating hormonal imbalances and deficiencies. We provide the finest quality medications to men and women who want to know how do I get real HGH injections that work and are safe to use.

Please contact us for a free consultation about your personal situation, or to ask any questions that you would like answered. We are here to help.