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Buy HGH Online: How to Get Human Growth Hormone Injections


As an adult in the US, you can buy HGH online following a diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency (GHD). Your doctor (either an endocrinologist or hormone specialist) will provide you with a prescription detailing how much HGH you need to inject each day.

When looking for where to buy injectable HGH online, you want to stick with licensed and regulated US pharmacies. That is the only way to know that the product you are getting is safe to use.

Many people who search for how to buy real HGH online are led to misleading or fraudulent websites. The sale of some medications online has led to a “black market” frenzy. Companies overseas create professional-looking websites seemingly overnight. Their goal – make as many sales as quickly as possible, take the money, and shut down the site. They are impossible to track, and because they are overseas, no legal recourse is available to customers duped out of their funds.

That is only one of the many issues surrounding the online sale of HGH, as we will explain in this report. By the end of reading this page, you will know how to buy online HGH safely, affordably, and legally.

The only safe way to buy HGH online is with a doctor’s prescription and from a licensed and regulated US pharmacy.

High-Quality vs. Low-Quality HGH – What is the Difference?

In answer to the question, is it safe to buy HGH online, we look first at the difference between high-quality and low-quality human growth hormone medications. HGH, also called somatropin, is the laboratory created version of somatotropin, the body’s natural supply of growth hormone.

To be readily accepted by the body, HGH must have bioidentical structural makeup to somatotropin. That means it contains the identical string of 191 amino acids – a polypeptide protein.

Unfortunately, when some people look to buy HGH cheap online, they wind up with a version that contains 192 amino acids. In this situation, more does not mean better – it means the possibility of dangerous side effects.

Companies that produce HGH with 192 amino acids omit the final, most critical stage in the manufacturing of this medication, leaving bacterial residue in place.

Besides the 192 amino acid versions of HGH, some other companies produce their products with inferior quality ingredients, or even dangerous substances, including rat poison.

The only approved place, when looking for where to buy legit HGH online, is from a US pharmacy.

Why Do You Need a Prescription for HGH Injections?

All medications have a reason for their use. For those who want to buy HGH injections online, that use is the treatment of growth hormone deficiency. When the body no longer produces enough growth hormone to support its functions, medical science can take over with supplemental, bioidentical HGH.

However, just because HGH is an approved and useful medication, that does not mean it is safe for everyone. There is no reason to buy HGH online if your body does not need it. Every hormone your body produces has a purpose. If there is not enough of the hormone, supplementation is necessary. Conversely, if there is too much of the hormone, other issues could occur.

The requirement of a prescription for HGH prevents its misuse or overuse. Those who do not need it will not receive it. Getting a prescription also informs you how much HGH your body requires. Only the doctor can determine that following blood testing and physical examination.

If you are looking for HGH injectable, buy online with a prescription that details what you need for proper hormonal balance.

Are Other Forms of HGH as Good as Injections?

Some people ask can you buy real HGH online in forms other than injections due to the magazine advertisements they have seen. Due to its molecular structure, no pharmaceutical company has yet to produce a legitimate form of HGH in anything but an injectable.

What does that mean for people who want to buy HGH online in the form of a pill, lotion, spray, drops, or a patch?

It means those products are not real HGH. They do not contain the same bioidentical human growth hormones that you get in the injections.

Upon a close look at many of the products, you will likely see one of the following words, “releaser” or “booster,” listed on the package. These products are inferior versions of ipamorelin and sermorelin, two types of secretagogues that naturally increase growth hormone production in the pituitary gland. If that is your goal, you would be better off discussing that process with one of our medical advisors.

Fake HGH boosters do not work anywhere near as well as ipamorelin and sermorelin for increasing growth hormone production. Nor do they come even close to the results you will get from buying human growth hormone in vials or an HGH pen. Buy online only legit HGH with a prescription from our doctors here at Greenberg Health.

Can I Buy HGH Online?

The question of buying human growth hormone injections online is a complicated one. You may ask where to buy HGH online, expecting to go to a website where you can select a product, enter your credit card number, and wait for the package to arrive in the mail.

Is that a safe and legitimate option?

No, that is how most people wind up with inferior medications, money loss, identity theft, or one of the many other issues that can occur with a misleading website.

When you are buying pharmaceutical drugs, you want to ensure you are making your purchase from a pharmacy located, licensed, and regulated right here in the US. Any other transaction is dangerous, and possibly even illegal.

If you want real, safe, and legal HGH, buy online from a licensed US pharmacy and submit your doctor’s prescription. Do NOT purchase HGH from a website that does not require a prescription or one that is not located in the US.

What Are the Best Brands of HGH to Buy?

The next aspect of where to buy real HGH online looks at which brands of human growth hormones are recommended for use. These are the HGH brands that are high-quality and contain 191 amino acids from reputable pharmaceutical companies.

Buy injectable HGH online from these pharmaceutical manufacturers:

  • Novo Nordisk: Norditropin
  • Eli Lilly: Humatrope
  • Sandoz: Omnitrope
  • Pfizer: Genotropin
  • EMD Serono: Saizen
  • Ferring: Zomacton

When you buy HGH online from one of these brands from a licensed US pharmacy, you can be confident that you are getting a safe, effective medication.

How to Buy HGH Injections Online?

To get HGH, buy online injectable with a prescription from Greenberg Health by following these simple steps:

  • Call our clinic for a free, confidential consultation with a medical advisor over the phone
  • Visit a local laboratory with the blood test requisition we provide for testing
  • Submit a physical examination report from any doctor of your choosing (we supply the form for the physician to complete)
  • Access our online medical questionnaire to provide information necessary to the diagnosis and treatment
  • Discuss the findings and any treatment plan during the follow-up phone consultation – this is also when you will select your brand and style of HGH injections

Upon completion of these steps, the prescription will go to a US pharmacy for completion, and the medication will arrive at your door – safely and legally.

For more information, please contact Greenberg Health for a free consultation. To buy HGH online, USA men and women turn to our hormone clinic for superior service and affordable treatment options.