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Fix Bad Health By Knowing How To Get Doctor Prescribed HGH Therapy

How to get prescribed HGH by doctor

Poor well being can have many varying causes. Serious medical illnesses should always be looked after by the particular professional who specializes in that area. However, if one is feeling down and out because of low growth hormone (GH) levels, they can fix bad health by knowing how to get doctor prescribed HGH therapy.

How does one go about getting these kinds of injections that have been called the “miracle” therapy?

This flow chart will clearly show what a patient needs to do:

These are the steps that were just shared above:

  • Call and speak to a Greenberg Medical clinical advisor
  • From there you will have two decisions to make. As you learn all about HRT, you will either decide that this is something you do not want to continue (and there will be no charge to you) or you will decide that this is the perfect kind of therapy for you and you will take the next step.
  • Get testing completed – this involves a physical exam, a blood test and sharing your medical history

Doctors will fully analyze the results of your blood work in order to determine if there is a growth hormone deficiency present or not. If there is not, the advisor will most likely suggest a visit to one’s primary care physician for advice on how to alleviate the ailments the person is feeling.

If there is a GH depletion, the next steps can be taken. This is where the client learns about the next phase of how to get prescribed HGH by a doctor.

  • The doctor will make the decision of which high quality and name brand medication is best for the patient. He or she will decide from Omnitrope, Saizen, Genotropin, Norditropin or Humatrope.
  • The doctor will also make the decision on what will be the correct dosage to prescribe in order to eliminate symptoms and make a person feel strong and healthy again.

During therapy, the patient’s clinical advisor will also be teaching all about healthy lifestyle living. It is always important to live in a healthy way by:

  • Eating the right foods such as lean meats, foods high in proteins and omega 3 fatty acids and staying away from choices that include refined sugars and bad fats.
  • Exercising on a daily basis. This means at least 20 minutes of heart pumping physical activity per day. Many believe that exercising only three times per week is sufficient; however, every day activity is best.
  • Sleeping well at night. This involves getting at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep per evening. This is the time the body takes to heal itself and to regrow and restore cells and tissues.
  • Never smoke. Nicotine is full of toxins and poisons that have zero positive effects on the body. Cigarettes age the body faster and leave behind many other possible health risks.
  • Drink alcoholic beverages in moderation only.

Knowing The Right Way To Get Prescribed HGH For Better Health

As growth hormones deplete with age, a person can start to feel emotionally drained, fatigued, depressed and have more problems than they can handle. This is the time (if not sooner) that they should start to learn how to get prescribed HGH by a doctor.

Patients will find that it is not difficult to do because there is only one right way to move forward and begin HRT. There is only one legal way and that is to get the correct blood testing completed. These samples are looking at insulin like growth factor (IGF – 1) levels to see if they are in range or not. If they are found to be low, the client will be considered to have a deficiency and depending upon the results of their physical exam and medical history, HRT could be the perfect solution.

Physicians who practice on the right side of the law only want to protect clients from harm and that is why it is mandated with reputable clinics to have patients fully tested. Doctors must make sure that their clients are in otherwise a healthy place to be able to benefit from prescribed HGH injections. So, it is known that testing is one of the most important parts of the hormone replacement therapy process and the only way to get these types of medications with a legal prescription. Another vital part of therapy is medical supervision.

When learning how to get prescribed HGH by a doctor, it must be advised that over the counter supplements, enhancers and boosters are not suggested for use. People may turn to this form of therapy because it is easier to begin. How? There is no testing required and no prescription needed for these products. However, be warned that they are ineffective and a waste of money.

Prescribed HGH Injections Versus HGH Supplements

Here is a very easy way to view the positives and negatives of both injectable HGH and oral supplements that can be purchased at most health food stores, drug stores, gyms or from personal trainers. You will clearly see that one is favored over the other if a patient is looking for true and lasting change.


HGH Injections HGH Supplements, Enhancers, Boosters
191 amino acid sequences Less expensive
Real, authentic, pure No prescription needed
Full medical supervision and clinical advisor help Very easy to get
Bio-identical to what the body naturally makes No testing necessary
Have clinically proven benefits No medical supervision necessary


HGH Injections HGH Supplements, Enhancers, Boosters
More expensive Have no proven clinical benefits
Require a doctor’s prescription Hardly enough medication to make any kind of change
  Chemical ingredients