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Everyone Loses Natural HGH – Here’s How to Get It Back

Natural Ways to Get HGH

Out of the more than 50 produced in the body, growth hormone is the most essential hormone as it is the main regulator of cellular metabolism and the instigator behind the production of all the others (hence its name, “the messenger hormone”). When natural GH is lost, natural ways to get HGH need to be found to prevent decline of body function. 

Natural production of it peaks during puberty, and then it begins a slow and gradual decline over time. With this decline comes symptoms such as:

  • Weight gain
  • Muscle mass loss
  • Weakened bones
  • Memory loss
  • Lessened immunity
  • Depression
  • Lack of sexual desire.

These symptoms and more that are caused by the loss of GH are the same symptoms that had once been assumed to be caused by aging. Fortunately, there are natural ways to get HGH back into the body.

It is not the process of getting older that causes these symptoms; you can see this by looking around at people of the same age and noticing how differently they seem to be aging. Some look their age, some look younger, and some look older. The deterioration that starts as a person ages is the result of the hormonal changes that begin after a person is fully grown.

The reason some people seem to age faster than others is because the rate of hormonal decline is faster for them, exacerbated by all of the differences in chemical balance that make each person unique. While decline of growth hormone is natural to everybody, not everybody will experience it the same because of the differences in each person’s chemical makeup, lifestyle habits, and genetics. While the rate of decline differs from person to person, everyone loses natural HGH – here’s how to get it back: with physician prescribed HGH injections.

Medicinal HGH is bio identical in structure to body-produced GH; with the body not being able to tell the difference, it is immediately allowed to go to work on the same body processes. It speeds up cellular metabolism so that the body can begin to function as it used to, when hormonal production was at its peak, it begins reparations on tissue deterioration that affects the muscles, bones, and internal organs (improving their functionality), and stimulating the restoration of immunity, blood chemistry, and mental capacity and acuity. 

How Can a Laboratory-created Medicine Be Natural?

When one thinks of a laboratory and scientific advancement, the word natural isn’t one of the first words that comes to mind; however, biosynthetic HGH is one of the most natural ways to get HGH, despite its lab origins.

Injectable HGH is created using recombinant DNA (rDNA) technology. rDNA technology first emerged in the 60s and 70s, although its basic principal had been discovered by an English medical officer in 1928, when he was studying a pneumonia epidemic in London.

He was able to demonstrate a process he called genetic transformation, where living cells took up genetic material released by other cells and transforming. In the late 60s, Griffith’s work was duplicated by Oswald Avery of New York who was able to isolate and identify the transforming molecule as DNA.

Recombinant DNA technology involves the precise combination of a piece of one DNA with another strand to create a new strand of DNA. Insulin was the first protein produced by this type of genetic engineering.

Originally, HGH created before rDNA engineering was produced by the laborious process of isolating it from the tissue of the pituitary gland in cadavers. This was an inefficient and expensive process that limited the criteria of who deserved treatment. Later on it was found out to be unsafe when some patients injected with cadaver-derived HGH developed Creutzfeld-Jakob disease (a degenerative brain disorder similar to mad cow disease) due to prions (proteins that cause infection) that contaminated the growth hormone.

The result of this engineering was also the production of bioidentical HGH, one of the natural ways to get HGH.

rDNA technology made it possible to produce and isolate HGH faster and considerably less expensively than using tissue from cadavers (which were in limited supply), resulting in a natural protein that is produced by bacteria which cannot be contaminated by other tissue components.

Is Authentic HGH Only Available as an Injectable Medication?

Yes. While considerably cheaper than harvesting HGH from cadavers, the genetic engineering needed to create it to be biosynthetic is still rather costly. The growth hormone molecule itself is fragile, too fragile to compound into pill form without damage. It is considerably larger than the insulin molecule, another fragile protein that would suffer potency-reducing damage if forced through skin or mucous membranes if formulated into a lotion or nasal spray, which is why insulin is also only available as an injectable treatment.

These structural limitations are what prevent GH from being processed into other, easier administration formulations like pills, sublingual drops, creams or nasal sprays. None of these administration methods can be effective in getting HGH into the system, therefore market products sold as growth hormone in these formulas are not natural ways to get HGH. It is impossible for them to contain any GH in them at all.

Bio identical HGH – the only genuine GH replacement – is also under federal control. A prescription is required before use can be authorized. If the over-the-counter supplements that claim to be HGH actually contained GH, they would require a prescription for use as well.

Kingsberg Medical provides the most effective, legal and safe natural ways to get HGH, prescribed individually to each patient after a comprehensive blood and physical examination.

What are the Benefits of Natural HGH?

The body needs growth hormone for optimal cellular proliferation that gives the body its restorative abilities. Therapeutic growth hormone injections, the natural ways to get HGH, sustain the upkeep of the following:

  • Muscle and tissue repair
  • Maintenance of the heart, lungs, kidneys and liver
  • Healthy oxygenation of the blood by consistent cardiac output
  • Regulated cholesterol and blood pressure levels
  • Sexual interest and function
  • Cognitive function
  • Immunity
  • Healing and recovery
  • The conversion of fat to energy and the disposal of fat stores
  • Mental stability
  • Energy and motivation
  • Exercise capacity
  • Rejuvenative sleep.

When GH levels get low, these functions are impaired. Kingsberg Medical provides natural ways to get HGH in a caring and discreet environment.

All of our programs are doctor-prescribed, meeting all federal criteria regarding specific blood testing. Medication dosage is ascertained and evaluated on an individual level that is unique to each patient. For added safety and to ensure efficacy, the physician supervises the patient for the full length of treatment. 

Call us now for more information. If after the phone conversation you feel you may be ready to see if you qualify for treatment, our representative will set up an appointment for you at a nearby clinic for the physical examination and blood test.