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Where It’s At: Am I Just Getting Older Or Do I Need Help From HGH?

Where Can I Get HGH from

It has been proven scientifically that human growth hormone (HGH) injections work to replace what the body naturally produces. Through one’s adult years, the pituitary gland slows down. That means that its production of one of the most important chemicals in the body (responsible for growth and development of all tissues, cells and organs) slows, too.

The body will then not get enough of what it needs so that it can function at optimal performance (as it did when it was younger than 30).

It is inevitable that everyone will get older with time which is good news as compared to the alternative; however, how one grows older is another story. Will they do it with grace and dignity or with pain, suffering, illness and depression? Where it’s at: Am I just getting older or do I need help from HGH?

Remember the days of boundless energy, bouncing back quickly from physical activity, when the body never had aches and pains, when you could sleep through the night undisturbed, when your skin was tight and wrinkle-free, when you could remember things easily, could concentrate and focus well and when you did not worry about cholesterol levels, heart issues, gaining weight or losing muscle? Stamina, endurance and vitality was endless too.

Yes, those were the days, but all good things must come to end.

Or do they?

Injectable medications that are specially made to replace lost growth hormones have been proven to bring a person back to having the high quality lifestyle that they did in their 20’s. So, the questions become, what is this medication and where can I get HGH from to give me back my life? These are great questions. Keep reading for the answers!

What Is Human Growth Hormone (HGH) And What Does It Do?

According to many of the most trusted medical sources, human growth hormone, also called somatotropin has approved uses in adults. It is a 191 amino acid sequence that is a large protein molecule produced in controlled labs by specialists. When manufactured correctly it is 100 percent pure and will never contain anything but uncontaminated formula; never including any bacterial residue.

People who hear about this formula want to know where can I get HGH from and the answer should always be by prescription only from a reputable clinic. This potent chemical compound needs to be used with medical supervision. Why? This is not because it has high potential of causing harm when prescribed, but monitoring is done as a precautionary method to make sure that benefits are being had without any negative side effects.

HGH has many benefits. When the dosage and name brand medication is correct, it:

  • Regulates body composition
  • Keeps body weight in check
  • Helps grow muscle mass
  • Eliminates erectile dysfunction
  • Helps to increase sexual desire and sexual libido
  • Reduces hot flashes
  • Helps improve memory, concentration and focus
  • Diminishes forgetfulness which can often be embarrassing or cause other issues
  • Increases bone mineral density
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps with healing injuries, wounds and sickness quickly
  • Increases metabolism
  • Tightens skin leaving a better looking outer appearance – less wrinkles, crow’s feet and sagging skin
  • Helps hair to grow in thicker
  • Helps nails to grow
  • Keeps organs growing and reduces their shrinkage (including shrinkage of the brain)
  • Helps restore all cells and tissues within the body
  • Helps with better sleeping patterns at night
  • Reduces irritability, mood swings, agitation, anxiety and depression

Many people are thrilled to read about these positive results that can come from the right HRT program; however, they must realize that these injections are by prescription only. Read below about how to get a prescription and there should never be any exceptions. Not just anyone who wants to know where can I get HGH from will be able to purchase this remarkable substance. They must be dealing with a growth hormone deficiency first to get a prescription.

How Does One Get A Prescription For Human Growth Hormone?

Human growth hormone is only legal to use if it is prescribed by a doctor. This has been repeated many times throughout this article. The reason for such repetition in the facts is so that although as tempting as it is to ask where can I get HGH from and to want to use it, a person must have a need for it.

What makes a person have “a need” for injectable human growth hormone? Well, the truth is that most people do not need this kind of therapy, but when it is appropriate, it can certainly make the difference between living a life of quality versus a life of depression due to all the ailments that aging a GH deficiency can cause.

Once the pituitary slows down like an old machine and it is not giving the body enough GH as it needs, ailments begin to happen, the body begins to look old and haggard and quality of life diminishes. We know this.

Why live this way when all that can be reversed on a safe protocol of HRT?

Testing To Determine If Human Growth Hormone Can Help

Testing is one of the most important elements of an HRT program and there should be no way to go around getting it completed; not with any reputable clinic. Anyone who wants to know where can I get HGH from is in the right place.

A phone call to Greenberg Health will put a potential client in touch with a very skilled, knowledgeable, understanding and compassionate clinical advisor. This person will inform the caller of what they need to do to get a prescription for injections. Here is what they will need to do:

  • Get a blood test
  • Get a physical exam
  • Share their medical history

Working with online clinics such as this has many benefits. Clients who are a part of a protocol with someplace such as Greenberg Health will:

  • Only work with licensed doctors
  • Have easy access to advisors right over the phone
  • Not have to drive to appointments and will not need to wait in cold waiting rooms to see a doctor
  • Feel comfortable in one’s own home self administering injections
  • Not need to go to pharmacies to purchase what they need because injections and all supplies will be shipping directly and discreetly to the person’s home or office
  • Have complete privacy

Others who may purchase HGH products such as oral supplements in sprays, pills, drops, powders or other forms are making a big mistake.

  • Are they less expensive? Yes.
  • Do you need a prescription to get them? No.
  • Is it faster to go to the store to get them? Yes.
  • However, do they work? NO.

Why do they not work? They are swallowed, sent directly to the stomach and are digested quickly by stomach acids. They are never absorbed into the body. Sellers of these products fail to ever mention this to their customers. Injections on the other hand are delivered directly into the bloodstream.

Forget about companies or online clinics that specifically market these useless products. Turn off the TV infomercials and steer away from paying attention to radio ads or highway billboards that claim supplements work. Where can I get HGH from? Injections should only be purchased from clinics that are well known and practice safe and legal hormone replacement therapy.