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Prescribed by a Doctor: The Only Legal Way to Get HGH Injections

Get Prescribed HGH Injections By a Doctor

There are many questions about human growth hormone therapy, but perhaps the most important is the one about how to receive it. Why must HGH be prescribed by a doctor? The only legal way to get HGH injections is from a licensed physician who understands how to diagnose and correct growth hormone deficiency.

As with many other types of medical treatments, HGH therapy has its own particular use, and that is to reverse the effects created by a GH decline in the body by providing a supplemental supply of human growth hormone for the body to use. This is accomplished by a specialist prescribing bioidentical HGH injections in a dosage carefully calculated for the individual needs of the person being treated.

In order for anyone to get prescribed HGH injections by a doctor, there must be a valid need. This is not a product to purchase off of store shelves or through the internet. It is essential to find a knowledgeable hormone replacement therapy specialist who can assist with this process. Detailed blood tests must be ordered, and there are other requirements that must be adhered to, as well, as part of the diagnostic process that will result in a safe plan of action.

The entire diagnostic process consists of the following:

  1. An initial consultation with a hormone replacement specialist
  2. Blood analysis
  3. Physical examination
  4. Medical history documentation
  5. A follow-up consultation to discuss the results and treatment options

Once the above steps have been accomplished, a person diagnosed with GH deficiency will then be able to get prescribed HGH injections by a doctor. There are reasons for each of the steps in the diagnostic process listed above, and this will be explained further in the detailed sections below.

Get a Consultation for HGH Injections

There are numerous reasons why a consultation is necessary before being prescribed HGH injections. It is useful as a fact-finding mission for the medical personnel as well as the client. This is an excellent time to ask questions and get answers that will help with the treatment process. There is much to learn and understand before getting started with HGH therapy.

The consultation to get prescribed HGH injections by a doctor will include the following:

  • A discussion about any symptoms that are present, as well as uncovering the severity of each of these changes
  • How the symptoms are having an effect on one’s life
  • The desired results or outcome from treatment
  • Other medical issues the person may have
  • Past health concerns, illness, or conditions that may be influencing the changes in the body
  • Lifestyle habits that may require a particular type of injectable
  • What the treatment for GH deficiency consists of and how it is administered

This information is essential in determining if proceeding with blood analysis for growth hormone deficiency is required. In order to get prescribed HGH injections by a doctor, completing each of the steps listed here is mandatory. That is the only way to know without any doubt that treatment with HGH therapy is the right decision.

Why Are Blood Tests Required for HGH Therapy?

Blood analysis is the only way of determining who is a candidate for HGH therapy. Checking the blood levels of multiple hormones in the body will show which, if any, are at a deficit. The hormone replacement therapy (HRT) specialist will also run standard CBC, cholesterol, thyroid, and glucose panels to make certain that there are no other health concerns that could be causing the symptoms that are present. The results provided here will show whether it is possible to get prescribed HGH injections by a doctor.

At Absolute Health, we work with a national chain of laboratories to accomplish this step. An appointment will be arranged at a local lab so that a blood specimen can be collected. Fasting is required the night before and morning of the collection, and the appointment will be scheduled for an early morning time slot.

What is the Purpose of the HGH Physical Examination?

The physical examination has three crucial components:

  1. Ensuring that there are no other health concerns that could be causing or adding to the symptoms that are present
  2. Making sure that no reasons exist why HGH treatment would not be advisable for use at this time (cancer, leukemia)
  3. Providing the HRT specialist with current health status, weight, height, and blood pressure that will be used in calculating the dosage of any medication that will be authorized

The findings from this report will help a person get prescribed HGH injections by a doctor once the blood test results show a genuine GH deficiency.

When using a national HRT center such as Absolute Health, the physical exam can be performed by any health care provider, including walk-in clinics. A report of medical findings will be forwarded to our doctor for review.

What Kind of Medical History Documentation is Required for HGH Injections?

Each person will be required to complete a medical/health history questionnaire. This is where all past and present health issues will be recorded. Any medications, vitamins, or supplements being used will also be provided here.

This information is necessary before a person can get prescribed HGH injections by a doctor to ensure that there are no conflicting issues for treatment.

At Absolute Health, we have made it easy for our clients to complete this step by placing these forms right here on our website. A link will take you to this questionnaire, and it can be completed right here through a secure server and electronically transmitted back to our clinic.

Complete the Follow-Up Consultation for HGH Injection Therapy

Once all of the prior steps have been completed, it is time for the follow-up consultation to get the results of the findings. If growth hormone deficiency has been diagnosed, it is now possible to get prescribed HGH injections by a doctor.

This next discussion will feature a listing of all options available for treatment. The various injector pen systems that are sold have specific dosing stages, and one of our experienced and knowledgeable medical advisors will isolate the ones that meet the doctor’s prescription.

The differences of each model will be explained, and pricing will be provided to help each person make an educated decision about which product will best suit his or her needs.

Among the best brands of HGH that we offer are the following:

  • Pfizer Genotropin
  • Novo Nordisk Norditropin
  • Sandoz Omnitrope
  • EMD Serono Saizen
  • Eli Lilly Humatrope

Each of these excellent brands of HGH therapy is well-known for high-quality standards and superior results. They are also available in the standard form of vial and syringe for those looking to keep costs as low as possible.

Complete written instructions for use are provided, along with links to online videos where the entire preparation and injection process is shown. Our advisors are also available for phone conferencing and support during the initial injections.

All medications and supplies are provided and shipped directly from a licensed US pharmacy. There are no risks of counterfeit or dangerous products as with online websites that offer HGH for sale without a prescription.

To find out more about how to get prescribed HGH injections by a doctor, call for your free consultation today. The professional staff at Absolute Health is here to help you.