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Does Estrogen Replacement Therapy Help Reduce Depression

Estrogen Therapy and Depression

Estrogen replacement therapy for depression has proven to reduce this emotional problem that may occur when hormones deplete due to aging. In fact, there have been many medical studies conducted that have clearly demonstrated that estrogen replacement therapy(ERT) has been strongly linked to reducing depression. Experts have demonstrated that by adding the right amount of injectable estrogen medication in conjunction with a complete treatment regimen, this kind of therapy can help get rid of depression when waning hormones cause it to surface.

Quality of life can greatly decrease quickly as a person ages (both male and female). When people lose the important hormones that keep them vital, active and vibrant, they will start to feel symptoms including depression, anxiety and a host of other emotional and mental issues.

As age sets in, hormones will naturally decrease. All people will experience different problems from losing their hormones, but there is no escaping what will occur when the imbalance of estrogen along with other hormones occurs. The good news is that there is a great amount proof through clinical trials and studies that have been published in journals all over the world that say estrogen therapy and depression have a definite link. In conclusion, ERT can reduce depression.

How Does Estrogen Therapy Decrease Depression

By following a tailor made treatment plan and prescription for estrogen replacement therapy and depression a person can be feeling like they are in their 20’s again, full of life and happiness. Depression can be eliminated with the right combination of injectable hormone medications that are prescribed by a doctor. Here at Greenberg Health, we have assisted a countless number of people to feel their best when they came to us feeling their worst.

  • How does estrogen replacement therapy for depression work?

When hormones plunge within the system, negative side effects occur. Anxiety, lethargy, tiredness, lack of motivation, lowered stamina and endurance, body pain, joint aches, weight gain, muscle loss and so much more can happen. These issues can all cause depression. In addition, the lack of a substantial amount of estrogen in the body can cause irritability, crankiness, agitation and depression on its own. This is when ERT can help.

By getting onto the right treatment plan with the right dosage of medication, including the correct amount of estrogen, hormones can be boosted and become perfectly balanced out to remove all the symptoms that bring a person down. However, a person will need a prescription for ERT. It all begins with a phone call to Greenberg Health.

How Can I Get A Prescription For Estrogen Therapy For Depression

A first phone call to our professionals will begin the process of getting onto an ERT program that will change the way a person looks and feels. Here are the steps to get a prescription for estrogen treatment with us:

  • Call us toll free and discuss what issues you are experiencing. You will share how you are feeling, how severe your depressive symptoms are, what you want your goals for therapy to be and how you think ERT will change your life. We want to know what you know about ERT so that we can fill in the blanks and give you all the information you need to discover if estrogen therapy for depression is something you want to do.
  • After you know that you want to continue with ERT, you will get tested. A blood test and a physical examination are required to become a patient of Greenberg Health. The only way we can find out if hormones are affecting your life and the way you feel is if we find out through blood work that they are deficient.

In addition, we need to know your current physical health condition and your past medical history to make sure that estrogen replacement therapy for depression can help you. Our professionals will set up your clinic appointment for testing for you.

  • After testing in completed and we have received your medical history online, our doctors will analyze your medical information. They will determine from your blood work if your estrogen levels are low and what your prescription should be. Your physical exam results and medical history will tell us if ERT is right for you. Then, our doctors will create a tailor made treatment plan for you to follow.

These are the only three steps you will need to take to begin changing your life for the better. It is quite simple to get a prescription for estrogen replacement therapy for depression and you will be thrilled with all the other symptoms that ERT can help eliminate as well.