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Estrogen Therapy For Women

Estrogen Therapy for Women

Estrogen replacement therapy for women, also called ERT is a revolutionary and innovative way to replace missing hormones as they naturally deplete with age. This kind of treatment is for adults over 30 who have a bona fide estrogen deficiency, as determined by testing that is required to take place by any reputable clinic such as Greenberg Health.

As the body ages, estrogen levels will innately deplete as the organs and glands in the body that produce this hormone start to slow down. The ovaries are the main organs that produce estrogen. FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) is what fuels the ovaries to create this vital hormone. There are some other places in the body where estrogen is produced. These include the adrenal glands, the breasts and the liver; although much smaller amounts are made here.

Wherever estrogen comes from in the body, its production will slow down with age. This is because all systems, tissues, organs and cells slow down as a person gets older. Estrogen will not be produced in abundance as it did when a person was in their 20s. This is what causes negative side effects to occur. ERT combats these side effects.

Estrogen therapy for women is extremely popular due to the outstanding results that patients get when they work with a trustworthy clinic that follows the law regarding ERT. The clinic should work very closely with their patients and follow all the laws that are set forth by the US government. These regulations are put into place for the safety of both clinics and patients alike.

Facts About Estrogen Hormone Replacement Therapy For Women

What should every prospective patient of estrogen hormone replacement therapy for women know?

  • Estrogen is an extremely vital hormone that is produced in the ovaries and in smaller amounts in the adrenal glands, the liver and the breasts.
  • Estrogen will start to deplete as a person grows older.
  • Estrogen depletes because the organs and glands in the body that create the hormone slow down as a person gets older.
  • FSH, follicle stimulating hormone is what stimulates the ovaries to produce estrogen. When FSH depletes, so does the production of estrogen.
  • ERT should only be done with a reputable clinic that follows the law regarding what is necessary for a safe and effective estrogen hormone replacement therapy for women program.
  • Doctors who conduct ERT should be fully trained and licensed in the field of endocrinology or a closely related medical practice.
  • ERT clinics should require mandatory blood testing, a physical exam and a medical history to take place to gain all pertinent information needed regarding a person’s health.
  • This testing appointment should be set up by the clinical advisor at the clinic. Testing will be conducted in the patient’s local home city.
  • The medical data collected will enable doctors to create an accurate diagnosis of low estrogen levels before a person can start therapy.
  • ERT doctors should only write prescriptions for those with bona fide estrogen deficiencies. Prescriptions should be extremely accurate and should accompany individually created treatment plans.
  • ERT doctors should provide complete medical supervision throughout the entire process of therapy.
  • ERT clinics should work only with extremely skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate and understanding clinical advisors. These advisors will be the first point of contact during a free initial consultation with a prospective patient.
  • Clinic should be available for patients during all normal business hours for questions, concerns, technical support for moral support during therapy.
  • Estrogen hormone replacement therapy for women should involve using only the best quality and top-notch medications sold on the market.
  • Along with giving in education about ERT in general, its benefits and side effects and how to prepare and self administer medications, advisors should also teach about healthy lifestyle living.

It is our advice for those who wish to partake in ERT to only work with very well known clinics that are based out of the United States. Make sure to follow the 15 listed points above to have a greater chance of ensuring safety and success with treatment. For women, estrogen therapy can greatly change a poor quality of life due to menopausal problems into a life full of excitement, joy, happiness and good health.