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How To Choose The Best Estrogen Therapy Doctor

Estrogen Therapy Doctor

To be able to choose the best estrogen therapy doctor to work with when you participate in estrogen replacement therapy (ERT), you will need to learn what to look for in a clinic that has doctors who practice this kind of medicine. In other words, what clinic you decide to use, will most often be what can help determine what kind of expert you find.

The best clinics that practice ERT will only work with fully trained, highly skilled and correctly licensed doctors in the field of endocrinology or another related medical practice. This means that choosing a reputable and highly regarded clinic most often guides you towards the best estrogen therapy doctor in the USA.

Here is a list of what to look for in the clinic that will provide the very best doctors who prescribe estrogen:

  1. The clinic should be a reputable and well known place. The center should be recommended to you by a medical professional or another patient who has gotten great results. If the clinic is not recommended, read through their website and make sure that they follow all the points written here.
  2. The clinic should offer a first free consultation with an expert clinical advisor who will go over everything about ERT with you and allow you to ask all of your questions. This is the time when you can find out what the staff is like at the clinic you choose. The advisor who speaks to you should be very compassionate, understanding, kind and skilled. He or she should be completely knowledgeable about ERT.
  3. The clinic should require testing to take place. This will involve a blood test and a physical exam. A medical history will be filled out online and sent directly and safely to our estrogen hormone doctor.
  4. When all testing is completed, this is when the doctor will read all information and results from the blood work, physical exam and medical history. They should know how to analyze, diagnose and prescribe accurately. Creating a treatment plan is something that he or she should be very well versed in as well. As a matter of fact, this kind of work should come as second nature to your doctor. At the same time, he or she will put together a completely individualized treatment plan for you. This will contain just what you need to get the best benefits from the medications that are put together for the most comfortable and effective ERT protocol.
  5. The doctor prescribed estrogen that is chosen must be a 100 percent real and bio-identical hormone medication. Only top notch and high quality medications will be purchased in the US and sold. Never settle for anything less than the best, as it is your body you must protect.
  6. The doctor you use must be providing you the best medical supervision possible. He or she will be in close contact with your clinical advisor, so if something goes wrongly, you can get immediate help.

A Greenberg Health low estrogen doctor will prescribe your medication very carefully; however, at times unforeseen allergic reactions can occur. You need a doctor to be there to change a dosage or even a medication if needed. Our staff works very closely together for the best interest of all of our patients.

What Qualifications Should An Estrogen Therapy Doctor Have

Any estrogen doctor who works with Greenberg Health will have a major goal in common; to make sure that all clients are 100 percent safe and protected from any harm. All of our physicians must be board certified or board eligible in endocrinology or a closely related field of medicine. This means that they have undergone years of rigorous schooling and hands on training in order to practice independently. They have also taken and passed oral and written examinations. Some acceptable medical fields are:

  • Endocrinology
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Anti-aging medicine

Our doctors will only work with adults over 30 who have a hormone deficiency due to aging. They will only give patients medications with the clear understanding that they are to increase and balance estrogen and possibly other hormone levels too. We follow the law and if a person is not physically qualified to be a patient of ERT or does not have low hormone levels, they cannot get a prescription. We mandate testing to find out.

Most of the estrogen therapy doctors are members of well known medical associations in this industry. They have done fellowships and are always taking part in continuing education. They must maintain their licenses and never have any malpractice suits against them. Our doctors must be specialists in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. They will always be learning about the latest and greatest advances in the field by taking classes, participating in trainings and reading the latest available research in endocrinology.

They will all be able to prove that they are experts in hormone medicine and that they are able to assess, analyze, diagnose and prescribe to our patients correctly. They must also be deemed completely qualified to provide medical supervision for our clients.

You will always be in the best hands possible when you work with the doctors who prescribe estrogen at Greenberg Health. We set ourselves apart from other clinics in the way we operate with only the most impeccably trained and caring clinical advisors and doctors. When our patients are successful with ERT, so are we.