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11 Important Facts about HGH Injections

Facts About HGH Injections

Human growth hormone – you have heard the term and may immediately think of children who do not grow as quickly as their peers – but it is what you may not know about HGH that could be hurting your body.

Just as there are important facts about HGH injections that all adults must know, there are also myths to put to rest. Greenberg Health will do just that so that you can make an informed decision about your body, health, mind, and emotional well-being.

Check out these 11 interesting facts about HGH and why it is important for adults:

  • 1. HGH Regulates Your Metabolism and Helps You Lose Weight

Human growth hormones regulate the body’s metabolic processes for lipids (fats), carbohydrates, and protein. Instead of fat storage, you will burn the calories for fuel. HGH accelerates lipolysis – breakdown of fats.

  • 2. HGH Can Help Your Body Heal

Human growth hormones stimulate immune functions to fight off germs and viruses. HGH also has healing properties to speed recovery from injury, cuts, broken bones, and muscle tears and breakdown associated with exercise.

  • 3. HGH Helps You Sleep at Night

HGH reduces cortisol levels and helps you sleep better and longer at night.

  • 4. HGH Revs Up Your Sex Life

Human growth hormone boosts sexual desire, performance (male and female), and pleasure.

  • 5. HGH Improves Your Memory and Other Brain Functions

HGH receptors in the brain use signals from human growth hormone to stimulate learning, cognitive reasoning, memory, and focus. HGH also benefits mood and reverses feelings of depression.

  • 6. HGH Gives You More Energy

Better food metabolism also increases energy and endurance. Deeper sleep lets you wake up refreshed in the morning.

  • 7. HGH May Regrow Hair and Restore Color

HGH increases production of the keratinocytes that produce keratin to support hair growth. Pigment cells that produce the color in hair also increase in volume resulting from better cell regeneration.

  • 8. HGH Thickens, Tightens, and Firms the Skin

Better cell production from human growth hormones increases collagen levels to thicken and tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of age spots and fine lines.

  • 9. HGH Helps Prevent Some Health Concerns

HGH facts about health show that growth hormone strengthens bones to reduce osteoporosis risks, supports mental functions to decrease dementia concerns, and lowers cholesterol and blood pressure for heart health. HGH also provides cells to prevent internal organ shrinkage, enabling the organs to work efficiently to support the body’s functions.

  • 10. HGH Boosts Your Self-Confidence and Motivation

As your body appearance improves (better muscle tone, firmer skin, weight loss, etc.) you have a better self-image. Increased drive helps motivate you and more energy fuels your productivity.

  • 11. HGH Sharpens Your Eyesight

Human growth hormones help promote papillary muscle functions, provide protective effects for retinal nerve cells, and supply cells crucial for replacing those that die off. Adults who have used HGH report better night vision and overall eyesight.

These are all very real facts about HGH that can improve your life if you have adult growth hormone deficiency.

Separating HGH Facts from Myths

Separating the HGH facts and myths is just as important as telling you what human growth hormones can do for the body.

Here are some facts about HGH injections that put an end to the myths people often hear:

  • HGH will not make you “young” again. While it will seem as though the clock has turned back years (or even a decade or two), you will still be the age you are right now, and continue getting older with each passing year. You just may not look or feel that age anymore.
  • HGH will not increase muscle size and strength in people with normal growth hormone levels. HGH works by replenishing what is lost, not supplementing an already ideal level of growth hormones.
  • HGH is priced so high that most people cannot afford it. The past facts about HGH may have shown this to be true when only one pharmaceutical company manufactured HGH. Today, many options exist to make prices affordable to more individuals.

Why the HGH Facts Matter

Why do these facts about growth hormones matter?

The truth is that when you know what to expect, you do not begin treatment with unrealistic expectations or goals. These HGH true facts are there so that you will know what your outcome from treatment will be before you begin. You will not lose 100 pounds by administering HGH injections for a few months, but you can expect to lose up to 10 percent of your body fat while increasing lean muscle mass at the same time. Your metabolism will work at a higher rate of efficiency, and you will look and feel better.

If these facts about HGH injections did not answer all your questions, please contact Greenberg Health for a free consultation with a clinical advisor.