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Greenberg Health Progesterone Therapy Doctors

Progesterone Therapy Doctor

Any progesterone therapy doctor who works with Greenberg Health must be top notch, fully trained and licensed. Our doctors have gone through hours upon hours of rigorous schooling and training. They have hours of hands on experience working with clients. All of our physicians have a successful track record to show how they have made a true difference in the lives of those with hormonal deficiencies.

A progesterone replacement therapy doctor will need to take extra care in reading blood test results and physical exam results when they receive them back from the patient’s local clinic. They also will be analyzing medical history information. When they put together a progesterone prescription for a patient, it will usually include more than one medication and they must ensure that they create it as accurately as possible. The right medication combination along with the right dosage can make all the difference in a successful therapeutic experience and one that will have negative side effects.

Since getting a patient’s prescription and treatment plan accurate is extremely imperative, every progesterone hormone therapy doctor has a lot of responsibility in their hands. This is why they must be professional experts who meet the highest standards as set forth by their medical boards. They will also be providing medical supervision throughout therapy to ensure that everything goes well and that their clients are experiencing the amazing benefits of progesterone therapy.

How Can You Find The Best Progesterone Therapy Doctor

There are very simple steps to follow in order to get a prescription from a progesterone hormone replacement therapy doctor from Greenberg Health. These medications are highly monitored by the US government because of their potency and their need to be prescribed and medically monitored by a licensed doctor when taken. Our reputable clinic does their best to make sure that every single client is well cared for and in safe hands when they work with us.

Here are the steps to be able to work with a doctor for progesterone hormone therapy:

  1. You must be over 30.
  2. Call our toll free number to speak with a clinical advisor. This conversation will be what leads you to the next step in getting our doctor of progesterone replacement professional to write your prescription. We must find out all about your medical condition, symptoms (past and current) and what you want to gain from therapy. We do not just give prescriptions to anyone. You must have the need due to low hormone levels and be in otherwise good health. This will be determined by the next step: testing.
  3. After your advisor and you decide that you will move to the next step in getting your prescription, you will get an appointment set up by your advisor for testing. This will be done in a nearby local clinic in your city. You will get your blood taken and a physical exam. From any computer, you can fill out our medical history form, as that is mandatory too.
  4. Our doctors need all of your medical information in order to analyze your situation to see if you have low progesterone levels. They will get your test results and all other data back from the local clinic and go over it all very carefully. If they feel you are an appropriate candidate for a progesterone prescription, they will write one for you.

Along with your prescription, our doctor progesterone therapy professional will create the most unique treatment plan specifically for your needs. Your responsibility from that point forward is to follow the instructions written for you very carefully. If you have any questions, you can call your clinical advisor and get honest and truthful answers. Our experts are here for your needs during all normal business hours.

We take your health and well being very seriously and invest in you completely when you become our patient. It is imperative that you, as a patient of progesterone therapy follow your prescription and live a healthy lifestyle.

Our professional advisors will teach you about the importance of eating well, exercising enough, sleeping enough, keeping stress levels low and never smoking. These are all daily habits that will increase hormones naturally and help with longevity of life.