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The Most Common HGH Deficiency Causes

HGH Deficiency Causes

Of all the possible growth hormone deficiency causes in adults, aging is the most common one – and it happens to every human being. When growth hormone depletes within the body due to growing older and the body slowing down, some very disconcerting symptoms can occur.

Mother Nature cannot be stopped and the clock cannot be turned back. We will all lose our growth hormones due to aging. However, when the passing of time is to blame for lethargy, lack of sexual drive, fatigue, weaker bones, loss of concentration, higher cholesterol levels, sagging skin, wrinkles, loss of lean muscle mass and weight gain, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can help.

One of the responsibilities of the pituitary gland (located at the base of the brain) is to signal the body to produce growth hormone. Just like all other parts of the body, this gland will slow down as it ages. This will innately cause a reduction in the production of growth hormone; hence, being one of the main growth hormone deficiency causes.

Below is a list of possible HGH deficiency causes:

  • 1. The pituitary gland slowing down due to aging
  • 2. The hypothalamus (located in the brain) slowing down due to aging
  • 3. A tumor on either the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus
  • 4. Radiation treatments on any part of the brain
  • 5. Trauma to the head or brain
  • 6. Infections in the brain
  • 7. Tuberculosis, hemochromatosis, sarcoidosis or histiocytosis
  • 8. Brain surgery
  • 9. Adenomas (a non-cancerous tumor on the pituitary gland)
  • 10. Being born with a growth hormone deficiency

Nearly 50,000 men and women over 30 are dealing with low growth hormone levels, according to sources. This number only represents those who actually get diagnosed with the problem. More and more people are getting tested for low GH levels as hormone replacement therapy becomes increasingly popular. People may all have different HGH deficiency causes, but the most common one seems to be from aging.

How Can An HGH Deficiency Cause Be Treated

When a growth hormone deficiency in adults is caused by aging and a slowing pituitary gland, aging cannot be treated (it will continue on); however, hormone replacement therapy can be an extremely viable and effective option for treatment of the symptoms. There are several steps that one needs to go through in order to qualify for HRT. Below are the required steps:

  • Contact our clinic by dialing our toll free phone number or by filling out our online contact form.
  • You will speak with an expert clinical advisor about your symptoms, your goals for therapy and be able to ask all of your questions regarding what are HGH deficiency causes and what could be creating your issues.

Your advisor will happily listen to your concerns and give you the best answers that he or she can about what could be causing your symptoms. However, it is the next step that will give you the answer as to what your HGH deficiency causes are if you have a depletion in growth hormone.

  • Testing of blood is required for all prospective patients of HRT. The test will be able to determine if the person’s HGH deficiency cause is aging or perhaps something different. If issues are caused by the natural process of getting older, GH can be replaced and balanced with HRT. If not, other options for treatment may need to be explored.

Testing will consist of:

  • A blood test: The appointment will be set up by your clinical advisor at the nearest LabCorp to your home or office.
  • A medical exam must be completed by the doctor of your choice or your advisor can set an appointment up for you with a local physician in your area.
  • Fill out our online medical history form located right here on our website.
  • All of your medical information will be sent to our doctors to determine if you have a growth hormone depletion and if the HGH deficiency cause is aging.

If your health has been deteriorating because of a lack of production of growth hormone, HRT can be the very best, safest and legal option for treatment. When you know what is going on with your body, the varying growth hormone deficiency causes and which cause is taking away your quality of life, you will be better able to get the help you need.

Please contact us by filling out our online form or by calling us directly. Our fully trained, skilled and compassionate advisors are ready to help you through this difficult time in your life.