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HGH Injections for Sale Online

HGH Injections For Sale Online

Getting HGH injections for sale online is not complicated if you know the right place to look. While there are plenty of websites ready to sell you anything you want, you must be sure that you are purchasing human growth hormone injections the right way. That will help you avoid any legal hassles or potentially dangerous reactions to counterfeit medications.

Adults who search for HGH injections online typically fall into one of two categories:

  • Those looking to combat the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency (GHD)
  • Individuals who want HGH for unapproved reasons, including anti-aging, bodybuilding, and athletic enhancement

Getting real HGH injections for sale will help only those in the first category – adults dealing with symptoms of GHD. Supplemental HGH provides the body with more of what it does not have enough of – growth hormone. By doing so, it ensures that all growth hormone receptor cells receive the daily signals necessary to carry out their functions.

The reason that getting HGH injections for sale online for unauthorized purposes does not work is that if your body currently makes enough growth hormone, then HGH has no use. GH receptors cannot take more than they need. Instead, the excess HGH will likely lead to side effects, providing no benefit to the body.

Getting HGH injections for sale benefits only those individuals with growth hormone deficiency.

Top Manufacturers of HGH Injections

Although many companies produce HGH injections for sale online, you want to ensure that any medication you get comes from a legitimate pharmaceutical manufacturer. Many foreign countries do not provide the necessary oversight to ensure that all HGH products leaving their borders are safe to use. Conditions in some overseas factories are less than sanitary or safe by US standards. Shortcuts that circumvent the final, time-consuming, and expensive step in manufacturing HGH can lead to potentially dangerous “medications” arriving in this country. Unfortunately, many unsuspecting buyers do not find out until it is too late, and they get sick from the HGH they purchased.

The best HGH injections for sale come from the following pharmaceutical companies, with the brand names listed below:

  • Sandoz – Omnitrope
  • Novo Nordisk – Norditropin
  • Eli Lilly – Humatrope
  • Pfizer – Genotropin
  • EMD Serono – Saizen
  • Ferring – Zomacton

How Much Does HGH Cost?

When searching for HGH injections for sale online, many people do not realize that many of the websites list prices only for the actual medication. If they purchase from an unregulated website, they may be surprised to find that all they receive is the HGH itself. Then, they have to spend more money to get needles, syringes, alcohol pads, and a Sharps container.

By the time they realize that the good deal they had was not so good, they have likely spent more to buy real HGH injections than if they had started with a legitimate US pharmacy.

The prices below are estimates and can change based on manufacturer specifications and pharmacy pricing:

  • Omnitrope: 5.8 mg vials $528
  • Humatrope: 6, 12, and 24 mg HumatroPens $1,400 – $5,700
  • Humatrope: 5 mg vials $1,000
  • Genotropin: MiniQuick Pens in 10 strengths $420 – $2,050
  • Genotropin: Mixer 5 and 12 mg $1,050 – $3,000
  • Norditropin: 5, 10, and 15 mg FlexPro Pens $1,235 – 3,250
  • Saizen: 5 mg vial $910
  • Saizen 8.8 mg $1,650
  • Zomacton: 5 and 10 mg vials $513 – $1,070

Some pharmaceutical companies also offer programs to help offset the cost of the medication. Our medical advisors here at Greenberg Health can discuss those options with you over the phone.

How Can I Buy HGH Injections Online?

To buy HGH injections for sale online, you must first have a prescription from a doctor stating the dosage of the medication and how much you will need. Any website that allows for the purchase of HGH without a prescription does not adhere to US regulations. You will be hard-pressed to find a company in this country that sells HGH without a prescription. They would face prosecution, as would the buyer, along with hefty fines and potential jail time.

If you want to get HGH injections, buy online safely and legitimately with a prescription from a licensed and regulated US pharmacy.

You must have a prescription to buy HGH in the US legally.

Is It Safe to Buy Cheap HGH Injections Online?

Safety should be the number one concern for anyone looking to buy cheap HGH injections for sale. The last thing you want is to purchase inferior quality HGH, as that will often mean one of the following is true:

  • Manufacturers skipped the last, critical step of processing, leaving an extra amino acid behind that also results in bacterial residue. The body will not accept 192 amino acid HGH the same way it does bioidentical 191 amino acid HGH. Significant side effects often occur.
  • The processing of the HGH was done in less than ideal facilities, such as factories or warehouses that have no oversight. Filthy conditions could lead to tainted and dangerous products.
  • Manufacturers use toxic chemicals and ingredients in the preparation of cheap HGH, resulting in dangerous health reactions.
  • Some companies ship expired, diluted, or unknown substances rather than legitimate HGH medications.

Besides all the above, when looking to be cheap HGH injections for sale online, you also open yourself to the risk of identity theft and fraudulent actions.

How Can I Save Money On My HGH Injections?

It is possible to save money and still get safe, legitimate HGH injections for sale online. Before you can buy HGH, you must have a doctor’s prescription. That process is often costly due to the higher fees charged by medical specialists. You will want to work with a doctor who specializes in the field of adult hormone replacement therapy.

Where can I buy growth hormone injections at the best price?

Greenberg Health is a national hormone clinic that helps men and women save money on the cost of their HGH therapy. We begin with free consultations by phone, allowing our clients to forgo the expensive and time-consuming office visits. Since we have already arranged for low-cost blood testing through a national laboratory chain, we save you money there, as well.

Finally, we work with numerous pharmacies nationwide to ensure that we get excellent prices for brand-name HGH medications. When looking to get HGH injections for sale, USA residents know they can count on Greenberg Health to provide them with superior, affordable service and excellent results. Contact us today for your free consultation.