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Real Or Imitation HGH: Recognizing The Difference Before You Buy

Where do you get real HGH

The authenticity of bio-identical human growth hormone (also called somatropin) can be determined by several tests, but most lay consumers do not have the knowledge or the funding to test what they are purchasing. So, where do you get real HGH?

Consumers are warned to do their research before purchasing human growth hormone (HGH) so that they do not run into dangerous or risky situations with their health. Real or Imitation HGH: Recognizing the Difference Before You Buy is vital.

How does one tell the difference between real and fake medication if they cannot afford these elaborate testing protocols?

There are few ways to tell for sure.

  • If the solution looks murky or unclear, it is tainted and not pure. Real HGH is a completely clear liquid.
  • If the medications are exceptionally cheap, they are not real. Real HGH is a bit pricey, but patients believe that they are worth every penny when they get results that make a difference in their lives.
  • If the vials do not look right (copied), there is a good chance that the medications are not real.

One should always research medication before they buy from an unknown source. The injections used for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in honest clinics are Omnitrope, Saizen, Genotropin, Norditropin and Humatrope. They are all in vials that clearly state what they are. Dishonest sellers will often try to replicate or copy what these real vials look like, believing that uneducated consumers will never know the difference.

Why Do People Buy Injectable HGH That May Not Be Real?

Consumers may ask, where do you get real HGH, but if they are not dealing with a true GH deficiency, they will not be able to get a legal prescription to get real injections. This is when they sometimes turn to the black market or to overseas to get what they want.

Here are some reasons that people purchase medications illegally:

  • They cannot get a prescription
  • They only wish to use the medications for weight loss
  • They only wish to use the injections for gaining muscle mass
  • They only wish to use the formulas to eliminate sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction
  • They only wish to use the chemical compounds to increase sexual libido
  • They want more endurance, stamina and energy

These are not reasons to go onto an HRT program alone. In addition, it is not safe to be on any medical program using these kinds of potent formulas without being tested for a deficiency first. Alos, one must expect to get a prescription, have a tailor made treatment plan made and to get medical supervision by a licensed medical practitioner.

What Are Ways To Determine Real HGH From Fake Injections?

Sources have shared that there are a few ways to check to see if HGH is real when a person gets it delivered to their home. As previously mentioned, not all people will go out of their way or spend the money to test it professionally. Where do you get real HGH is all that people should be paying attention to; however, there will still be those who will obtain this substance illegally.

What can you do at home to test HGH?

When adding water to real human growth hormone, the powder should show as a bit lumpy and float for several minutes. It will then completely dissolve, but that does not happen right away. When preparing the formula from a clinic like Greenberg Health, the instructions will be to shake it very gently to get the powder to dissolve in the liquid that will also come in the package.

Complete directives on how to prepare (and self administer) the injections is available via an online video that is put out by the clinic. Patients have been very receptive to this video as it is extremely graphic and full of detail to ensure confidence that a client is “doing it right.”

How To Scammers Get Away With Selling Fake Vs Real HGH

People who we will call scammers, will also print packages of reputable brands and then fill them with a low grade, cheaply made 192 amino acid sequence molecule (instead of the authentic 191 amino acid sequence). This substance is very dangerous to inject into the body.

It has been noted that people can end up with large red and very painful welts at the injection spot. This means that there is bacteria present that should not be in the formula.  This low grade product has been said to even cause the body to resist creating its own natural HGH.

In addition, the body will not see the chemical compound as being naturally produced from the pituitary gland like the real formula and it will reject it. Authentic HGH is happily welcomed by the system and brings about a balancing of hormones for great health in all areas.

This is not true of the fake product. An immune reaction will take place in most cases and major health problems can follow. This is the body’s way of fighting something that it sees as completely foreign.

These are ways to tell if the injections are real or not, but the only true way is by tests such as a HGH serum test.

It is not wise for any consumer to take a chance with fake human growth hormone. Where do you get real HGH? Use a clinic like Greenberg Health where one will never have to be worry that he or she is injecting something that the body will not accept.

With close medical monitoring, a person will also have time to change a dosage if it is not 100 percent accurate – although that is a rare occurrence due to the great amount of time and accuracy a licensed doctor will put into creating a prescription and treatment plan.