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Order HGH Injections Legally in the US

Order HGH Injections Online To order HGH injections, you must first have a prescription from a doctor for this medication. Anyone looking to order HGH should follow the medical guidelines for receiving human growth hormone therapy. That is the only way to engage in the legal purchase of this medication. Like most people, you probably have lots of questions about how to order HGH online. Chances are you have already visited at least one website that allows you to purchase HGH by entering your credit card number. If sites like that exist, why not use them to order HGH online? That is the question we want to answer today as we explain where to buy growth hormone injections safely and legally.

Can I order HGH online legally in the US?

Yes, it is possible to order HGH online. USA residents need to follow these steps to make a legitimate online purchase of human growth hormone injections:
  • Have a medical consultation
  • Get a blood test and physical examination
  • Complete a health history form
  • Receive a diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency along with a prescription for HGH injections
  • Purchase the medication from a licensed and regulated US pharmacy
You can only order HGH injections legally in the US with a valid doctor’s prescription.

How to Know the Difference Between Real and Fake HGH Injections

Some people do not understand the importance of where to purchase HGH injections to ensure their safety. They think that just because a website advertises a brand of HGH such as Genotropin or Norditropin for sale, that is what they will receive. The only way to ensure that the HGH you purchase is real and not fake is through buying it from a licensed US pharmacy. Here is what you need to know about real vs. fake HGH:
  • Real – legitimate HGH requires a doctor’s prescription. Recombinant HGH is an expensive medication to produce, due to the many steps necessary to result in a finished product that contains the same 191 amino acid single chain as somatotropin – the growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland. Omitting any step in the process, especially the final one that removes an extra amino acid, can result in leftover bacterial residue as well as rendering the medication dangerous to the body.
  • Fake – some companies overseas paste false brand-name labels on vials of cheaply made products (some that contain 192 amino acids). Others sell brands of HGH manufactured in dirty warehouses, or with ingredients that could include substances such as talc, rat poison, or other toxic ingredients. Medications may be switched with other cheaper drugs, diluted, or even expired and placed in new packaging.
How do you know the difference between real and fake medications when you order HGH injections online? The only way to guarantee that the product you receive is real and safe to use is by purchasing it through legitimate channels – regulated US pharmacies. To do so requires a doctor’s prescription.

Ordering HGH Injections Online – Safety First

When you go to order HGH injections online, you must put safety first. If you attempt to buy cheap HGH injections for sale, you run the increased risk of receiving a counterfeit and potentially dangerous product. Here is what you need to know about the safe purchase of HGH injections:
  • Pharmacy vs. Warehouse
    A pharmacy is a fully regulated and licensed business. Warehouses and other sales operations that sell prescription-0nly medications without requiring that documentation function outside of legal restrictions. Because a prescription is necessary to purchase HGH in the US, companies that do not require this are in other countries. They enable you to make a purchase without the proper documentation. These types of businesses do not provide medical guidance or testing.
  • Legality
    It is illegal to purchase HGH injections in the US without a valid prescription. Doing so can result in prosecution, fines, and possible jail time.
  • Safety
    HGH is a medication designed to improve health and well-being. Purchasing HGH illegally can result in the receipt of a product that can damage health. The risk of financial fraud and identity theft are also high.

Why Do I Need a Prescription to Order HGH Injections?

You must have a prescription to order HGH injections in the US for the following reasons:
  • To ensure that your body needs this medication. Increasing growth hormone levels too high can lead to significant and potentially dangerous side effects.
  • Only a doctor can determine how much HGH your body needs to enter a state of hormonal balance (homeostasis). Too much HGH can lead to side effects, and too little can result in a lack of results.
  • HGH is a controlled substance in the US. It cannot be purchased without a prescription.
Knowing how to purchase HGH injections legally and safely will result in superior results for those who need human growth hormone therapy.

How Can I Save Money on My HGH Injections?

Because human growth hormone therapy is expensive, many people search for cheap HGH injections online. That is not the best way to save money on HGH treatment. Greenberg Health would like to show you how to order HGH in the most economical and safe way possible:
  1. Contact our clinic for a FREE, confidential consultation by phone with one of our medical advisors. We make it possible to avoid the lengthy and costly visits to a specialist by providing you with access to some of the best hormone doctors in the US.
  2. Take advantage of our low-cost blood tests at national laboratories throughout the US.
  3. Rather than paying the high cost of a specialist visit for the required physical examination, this service can be provided by any doctor of your choosing. We provide the form for the physician to complete.
  4. Fill out the required medical history documentation right on our website when it is convenient for you.
Upon completion of these steps, our doctor will review your file and results and determine if you are growth hormone deficient. If so, following the calculation of your precise HGH dosage, you will be able to order HGH injections with the provided prescription. Please contact Greenberg Health for your free, no obligation phone consultation today.