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What Is The Best Human Growth Hormone On The Market

What is the best hgh

When people want to know which kind of medication is the best human growth hormone (HGH) on the market – the answer is simple – there is no one best HGH injectable medication. HGH is either real or it is not real.

No matter what the name on the medication vial or pen says, it is all the same Patients who are interested in partaking in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) who work with clinics that are reputable and honorable like Greenberg Health, will get a full education on what HGH is and why there is no one best human growth hormone. Let us explain further.

Human growth hormone is a very specific bio-identical chemical compound. It is made of a 191 amino acid sequence and its structure is created in a very specific shape and form. It is very sensitive to atmospheric conditions (i.e. temperature) and movement as well. It cannot be rigorously shaken, for example. If a person is getting the 191 amino acid sequence, this is the best injectable HGH and there will be no difference in brands.

The Difference Between High Quality And Low Quality HGH

There are definite differences between high quality and low quality HGH medications. We already shared how the 191 amino acid sequence human growth hormone is the highest quality and now we will share how anything else pales in comparison.

Greenberg Health sells real doctor prescribed HGH that is produced as a 191 amino acid sequence and is 100 percent pure, safe and effective.

If a person purchases the 192 amino acid sequence HGH without a prescription (a doctor would not write a prescription for this medication and it is usually purchased from non-reputable sources), this is different in its makeup. It is essentially a copycat version of the real medication and can have very bad side effects that can be dangerous and very upsetting.

Another thing to look out for is where the medication is produced. When it is manufactured here in US laboratories, it is usually of the highest quality. When medications are produced overseas in Asia in countries such as India, China or Korea, they are usually less expensive and there are differences in the quality of the formula and its purity from one brand to the next. There is a reason for that.

There is no way to prove that what one is buying is the real 191 amino acid sequence when it comes from overseas, from non-reputable sources or from the black market. The only way to tell is if it goes through special testing. So, you may pay less to get it initially, but it will end up costing a whole lot more in the end – especially if you inject it and the results are very nasty side effects.

High quality HGH brands

High quality HGH brands may come at a higher price, but one can be assured that they are 100 percent pure medications that are safe and effective. High quality medications will come in a lyophilized power form that will need to be reconstituted or mixed when it arrives to the patient.

According to the experts, the following are only a few of the brands of HGH that are considered to be of high quality (all of these are 191 amino acids with the highest purity):

  • Genotropin produced by Pfizer
  • Norditropin made by Novo Nordisk
  • Saizen manufactured by Merck Serono
  • Humatrope produced by Eli Lilly
  • Nutropin manufactured by Genentech
  • Zorbtive produced by EMD Serono
  • Serostim made by EMD Serono

The above listed HGH medications are all made in America and the top four are what Greenberg Health and most other reputable HGH clinics mostly prescribe to their patients. The following are created in China, but are still considered to be high quality HGH.

  • Hypertropin produced by Neogenica Bioscience
  • Jintropin created by GeneScience Pharmaceuticals

Medium quality HGH brands

Medium quality HGH brands may be less expensive to buy, but they will most likely be produced very cheaply and could even have bacterial residue in them. This is residue left over from the manufacturing process and if injected, it can be very risky and dangerous.

According to the experts, the following are only a few of the brands of HGH that are considered to be of medium quality:

  • Ansomone produced by Anhui Anke Biotechnology in China
  • Hygetropin produced by Zhongshan Hygene Biopharm in China
  • Tev-Tropin created by Teva Pharmaceuticals in the US
  • Zomacton made by Ferring Pharmaceuticals Pty in Australia

Why would people buy this kind of medium quality HGH? Many people may be willing to take the chance of getting poor or hurtful results from taking 192 amino acid sequence HGH or even 191 amino acid sequence of very low purity level for several reasons:

  1. A doctor would not prescribe the medication for them
  2. They did not test to have low HGH levels
  3. They do not want to pay the higher prices for the high quality formulas

Those who sell these subpar injections know that people will buy for the reasons listed above and take advantage of them every day. They know they are scamming consumers by selling counterfeit HGH or questionable HGH, but they do not care.

These medications from overseas or from the black market will sometime come in liquid form. HGH is extremely sensitive to room temperature and movement. Therefore, if a person buys this from the black market, by the time it gets shipped to them, it could have been shaken or have gone through unsuitable temperatures.