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Why Do You Need To Get Tested Before Using HGH Therapy?

Get HGH Tested

HGH injectable medicine is a federally regulated medication. It is produced to be bio-identical, which makes it infinitely safer than other medicines. Many people have wondered, if it is so safe, why do you need to get tested before using HGH therapy?

Even with natural and healthy substances, one must be careful not to overconsume. What is one substance considered to be the most natural? Water is necessary to the body to aid in regulating temperature, flushing waste out, and many other necessary functions; however, there is such a thing as overhydration (taking in too much water) that can be potentially deadly by causing water intoxication or hyponatremia (too-low levels of sodium in the blood).

Natural or synthetic, care needs to be taken with anything put into the body. You are reading this information now because you may be feeling that your hormones are deficient. The condition of imbalanced hormones goes two ways: an imbalance caused by too little, and an imbalance caused by too much.

When you get HGH tested, you are not just having the condition of deficiency confirmed, you are revealing the amount that is needed to bring the hormone levels up to balance by showing what’s missing.

You are probably experiencing right now symptoms of deficiency that prompted you to come looking here for information. The imbalance of excess growth hormone has symptoms that are worse and untreatable.

Proper dosage amounts that provide just enough HGH without putting too much in the body will reverse the symptoms of deficiency. When the body has too much HGH, the following side effects occur:

  • Arthritis
  • Water retention
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Joint pain
  • Headaches
  • Insulin imbalance
  • Liver damage
  • Thyroid problems

One of the most serious side effects of too much growth hormone is acromegaly or gigantism. One of the most famous cases of a person with too much GH was the famous wrestler-turned-actor, Andre the Giant. His imbalance was natural, but it lead to his early death at the age of 46.

If you don’t get HGH tested and manage to illegally procure and use HGH, you will not be correcting a health problem; you will be creating a bigger one.

Are Injections the Only Way to Administer HGH?

Many people are not fond of needles; for some people the fear of needles has affected them their whole lives. It seems bad enough that when you get HGH tested it requires a blood sample, but when the treatment uses injections, too?

Yes, HGH can only be administered by injection. The physical structure of the HGH molecule dictates that subcutaneous injection is the only method that can accommodate the larger molecular size and protect its fragile nature without incurring damage. If the molecule is damaged or bent, it loses its potency and is no longer HGH.

As a protein peptide, if growth hormone were swallowed it would be digested by the stomach, and it is too large to be absorbed through mucous membranes or skin. The scientific fact of its molecular nature prohibits its administration in pill, nasal spray and topical lotion formulations.

You may be wondering that if this is true, how can there be so many of those types of growth hormone being sold in stores an on the internet? Read the labels; none of them actually contain growth hormone. They are vitamin, herb and amino acid concoctions created to spur the body to product its own GH. The only right, effective, safe and legal way to treat a GH deficiency is to get HGH tested and get a prescription for genuine HGH.

Why Does HGH Need to be Prescribed by a Doctor?

The physician’s role in treatment is pivotal. After you get HGH tested he is the one who needs to be able to read your lab results and create a dosage regimen that suits your unique body chemistry. Balance in anything is not easy to achieve.

Once you’ve begun treatment the doctor is also required to supervise your medication response. If you show any signs of side effects, he may have to re-test your levels and adjust your dosage to a lower amount.

Side effects from proper use of HGH are rare, and almost certainly related to the dose amount. If your prescription provides too little medication, you may see some improvement but not full resolving of the condition; if your prescription is for too much medication, you will have new side effects. The ‘happy medium,’ so to speak, is accurate balance.

This is where the difference between different types of doctors comes in. A family practitioner will likely not have training extensive enough to understand the subtle nuances of hormonal balance; he may not know soon enough if the dose needs to be adjusted.

The best physicians to provide HGH therapy are hormone replacement specialists who, because of their training and experience, have a keener eye in examining and evaluating results.

Kingsberg Medical doctors have all of the necessary training to be able to make that careful evaluation of individual hormone requirements, with years of practical experience in treating thousands of happy, healthy and vital patients.

With one phone call, you can be ready to get HGH tested and begin a treatment program that will have maximum impact on your life. It is not necessary to suffer premature aging and deterioration – not when it’s caused by an easily treatable medical condition.