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Pitfalls To Watch Out for When You Get Cheap HGH

Get HGH Cheap

Buying something that is of lower, discounted, or generic cost is never a bad thing, but making that decision to buy the lower-cost item requires a bit of knowledge or discretion. Regarding growth hormone, it is important to be aware of the pitfalls to watch out for when you get cheap HGH.

There are many products on the market being sold as HGH in many different formulations. To ensure that you are getting genuine medication, you must be aware of two things first:

  • Only legally prescribed HGH is genuine; and
  • The only authentic formulation is as an injectable medication.

Attempting to get cheap HGH without a prescription will result in your purchasing a medication that is either illegal, ineffective, or unsafe. The prescription guarantees real medicine provided in a safe dosage.

None of the products sold over-the-counter are real growth hormone, nor do they contain any. The only manufacturers of accurately assembled growth hormone medicine are those that utilize recombinant DNA technology. This type of processing requires exact and federally monitored methods.

The various oral and topical formulations are produced by companies operating under no federal oversight and without the technology needed to make the authentic medication; therefore, they are not creating real growth hormone.

There are some injectable versions being sold illegally, as well. Medicines made overseas are not legal here in the United States because they are not licensed and monitored by our government and cannot be assumed to be manufactured under the same strict standards that our versions are processed under. There have been many reports of these illegal brands containing bacterial residue left over from the process.

Another common pitfall of looking to get cheap HGH is the attempt to buy generic brands. There are no generic brands; the companies that manufacture the medication must be federally licensed and registered. The so-called generic brands are not processed with the correct engineering and usually contain fillers and unknown substances.

Growth hormone is a 191 amino acid polypeptide hormone with its amino acids arranged in an exact sequence. One generic form called Somatrem is comprised of 192 amino acids. This may not sound like much difference, however, in the case of HGH, any change in the sequence or shape of the molecule changes the end product. This particular counterfeit is known to cause extreme side effects.

One can buy a cheap car and still be very satisfied; as long as it runs well and takes a person where he or she needs to go, there is no real need to buy one with costly bells and whistles or added features. This is not the case with such an important medication.

How Can You Tell if You are Buying Genuine HGH?

As mentioned above, there are even concerns about authenticity of injectable HGH being sold. There are many ramifications to limiting your research only to being able to get HGH cheap.

There is the potential of buying a drug that is illegal, like the overseas drugs known by the colors of their vial tops (red tops, blue tops). A person caught purchasing these will have their shipments seized, incur monetary fines, and possibly face imprisonment (depending on which state he or she lives in).

A prescription is required to be able to use HGH. A doctor can only prescribe this medicine if the person’s blood levels of growth hormone have been measured and found to be deficient. Only prescriptions based on valid blood tests are legitimate.

Some alleged health facilities provide prescriptions illegally; some give them out instantly after a questionnaire is filled out, some allow the individual to take their own samples of blood and saliva and mail them in to the company for their testing, and others will send people to doctors outside of the country. These are not valid prescribing methods, and as such they cannot be expected to provide real medicine.

Each of these procedures may cost less up front, but more in the long run in the possibility of legal expenses and the receipt of harmful drugs. At best, their provided medication will be ineffective, and you will have only lost your up-front cost.

The only way to get HGH cheap is to get it legally, by going to a legitimate medical facility for testing and having it prescribed by a licensed physician. This way you are assured of authentic and safe medication that is prescribed in a dosage that won’t be harmful.

The Dangers of Buying Cheap HGH

Despite the fact that it appears to be easily available on the internet, only real HGH can be purchased through a doctor when he authorizes a prescription based on lab tests done on your blood.

Looking to get cheap HGH can mean purchasing an illegal medicine or consuming a drug that could be harmful to your health.

HGH is a large protein-based hormone that is made up of an exact sequence of 191 amino acids in a required three-dimensional shape. The companies that manufacture cheap HGH do not have the necessary engineering skills or equipment to accurately assemble GH with recombinant DNA technology. These methods are elaborate, precise, monitored, and expensive.

If the companies that advertised where to get cheap HGH were able to process the medication with this complex procedure, they would not be able to sell their product at the ridiculously low prices they offer. The end result is that their products are not and do not contain any growth hormone, making their claims of restoring hormonal balance a fallacy.

If it were at all possible to process HGH the way some of these companies claim to be doing, it makes no financial sense for the pharmaceutical manufacturers to put it into an injectable form in a time-consuming, costly process that makes waste prohibitively expensive.

Why Learn about Hormone Replacement Therapy?

People need to understand what a hormone deficiency is and what it can cause to realize that taking just any easily-accessible medicine will not take care of it. They need to understand that to get cheap HGH can be more harmful than the symptoms that instigated the search for it.

A growth hormone deficiency cause a person to lose physical and mental faculty gradually over time that worsens enough to take away ability and lessen quality of life. It lessens a person’s mobility, cognitive function, sexual drive and performance, immunity, and the body’s ability to maintain proper upkeep.

Thinking that being able to get cheap HGH will solve the problem is incorrect. Anything other than authentic HGH will not fix a deficiency and will not reverse the symptoms.

GH deficiency can only be diagnosed by a physician, because it is possible to misread symptoms. Each and every symptom of this type of deficiency can also be caused by other medical problems or medications a person may be taking. Before HGH can be prescribed, a doctor needs to conclusively establish that the cause of the physical and mental symptoms are in fact a result of low levels of GH and not another medical concern. He can only do that by measuring the levels in the blood.

The Cost of HGH Reflects the Quality of the Medication

Regarding some items, a lower cost does not mean an inferior product. This is not the case with HGH. Purchasing the medicine from a company that tells you that you can get cheap HGH is a common mistake made by people who do not have all of the facts.

Injectable GH created bio-identically with recombinant DNA technology is the only federally approved and recognized way to safely and effectively raise the levels of growth hormone. The proven results of improved energy, enhanced libido, better cognitive function, increased muscle and bone strength and stability were conclusive from tests only done on that exact formulation.

HGH will help you balance out your hormones, but only if you obtain it with a doctor’s authorization after specific diagnostic testing. Don’t get cheap HGH from any company that sells it in any other form (like oral tablets or creams) and without a prescription. Medication obtained this way is not the GH that the federal regulatory groups have deemed effective without being harmful to the system.

Cheap medications can have harmful fillers, bacterial residue and unknown substances in them. Before a person takes anything, they should know what they are putting into their bodies.

Your health is worth the effort of taking the proper steps seriously. Call Kingsberg Medical for more information.