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Benefits of HGH Injections for Health, Appearance, and Performance


The benefits of HGH injections for adults extend to many facets of daily life, influencing health, appearance, and performance. Men and women over age thirty who experience growth hormone deficiency (GHD) often report depression, reduced quality of life, and a poor outlook for the future.

They cite problems that include forgetfulness, weight gain, insomnia, fatigue, and rapidly aging appearance. Joint pains, muscle loss, and low libido make it difficult to live an enjoyable life.

As we examine the benefits of HGH in adults, we find that growth hormone (GH) is still necessary long after the attainment of final height. GH has a role in many of the daily functions we take for granted.

There are often reports about the benefits of HGH for athletes and bodybuilders. We are here to tell you that information is most often untrue. Extensive research brings us only one positive attribute for HGH use in healthy younger adults – sprint enhancement.

Men or women who use HGH illegally for these purposes may find that they can sprint a bit faster. The change is not significant enough to make HGH use meaningful. However, it can lead to considerable side effects when increasing GH levels too high.

Also, HGH has not shown effective in increasing muscle mass or strength in adults with normal HGH levels.

In this review of the many benefits of HGH injections for adults, we look at:
  • The role of growth hormone for the adult body
  • Health benefits of HGH
  • Growth hormone influence on the brain and emotions
  • Benefits of HGH for appearance
  • HGH benefits for metabolism and weight
  • Long-term benefits of HGH

Role of Growth Hormone in the Adults Body

The study of the benefits of HGH injections begins with an examination of the role that somatotropin (GH) plays in the body. Extending well beyond the stimulation of growth, somatotropin influences functions at the cellular level.

What are benefits of HGH as opposed to growth hormone?

Growth hormone is the natural chemical messenger produced by the anterior pituitary gland’s somatotropic cells. Human growth hormone is the biologically identical laboratory version of somatotropin and goes by the alternate name of somatropin. HGH has all the same benefits of growth hormone and works on the same receptor cells throughout the body and brain. In this way, the benefits of taking HGH directly mimic those of what naturally secreted growth hormone does in the body.

Benefits of HGH for Health

Far beyond growth, the health benefits of HGH injections directly influence the well-being of the body. Adults with long-term GHD often have a reduced life expectancy due to cardiovascular disease, chronic heart failure, weak immunity, decreased internal organ functions, and a higher rate of life-threatening fractures. Type 2 diabetes, inflammation, high blood pressure, and metabolic disease increase these risks. Some of the medical benefits of HGH include:
  • Cellular Regeneration As one of the primary functions of growth hormone, HGH stimulates the release of insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1) from the liver. IGF-1 serves as a mediator of many GH functions, primarily that of cell reproduction. Together, these hormones influence the cellular growth of all new cells in the body, including the skin, organs, muscles, and bones.
  • Heart One of the primary recipients of HGH benefits is the heart, where actions help maintain left ventricular mass and wall thickness, cardiac output and capacity, and decrease inflammation (including c-reactive protein) throughout the body. Through IGF-1, there is an increase in nitric oxide production, which relaxes smooth muscle cells in the arteries, improving vascular tone. HGH therapy also improves lipid profile and endothelial function to lower cardiovascular risk factors.
  • Immunity HGH helps to improve thymus function, which declines due to shrinkage of that gland. The thymus plays a critical role in white blood cell (lymphocyte) production.
  • Organs HGH works on all the organs, protecting them from shrinkage and function decline. The hormone exerts positive benefits on the liver, kidneys, thyroid, and adrenal glands.
  • Bones HGH increases osteoblast production to provide new cells to replace those resorbed by the body during bone remodeling. Growth hormone also helps regulate the bone remodeling process to maintain healthy bone mineral density and may speed bone healing following a fracture.
  • Fertility HGH works in the testes to help stimulate testosterone production and sperm cell maturation. Human growth hormone plays a significant role in female fertility, stimulating progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen production, as well as influencing follicular size and oocyte (egg) maturation. As part of its role in the gonads, as well as in the brain, HGH helps improve sexual desires, functions, and pleasure in men and women.
The health benefits of increased HGH levels significantly improve physiological well-being and performance throughout the body.

Benefits of HGH for Brain Functions and Emotional Well-being

The benefits of taking HGH also extend to the central nervous system and the brain, where growth hormone influences neurogenesis and slows the process of apoptosis – the early cellular death of critical brain cells. One of the benefits of HGH injections is the ability to support neuronal proliferation, differentiation, and survival of brain cells following an injury. HGH has shown tremendous benefits for people with traumatic brain injury, as well as those with opioid damage. In studies, growth hormone has been shown to enhance excitatory synaptic transmission through N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors. By doing so, HGH may reduce the risk of conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Cognitive Functions In the hippocampus and frontal cortex, HGH influences learning, focus, attention, spatial learning, memory, and cognitive capacity.
  • Emotions While influencing growth hormone receptors in the brain, HGH also improves psychological well-being. Its regulation on emotional state helps reduce depression, stress, and anxiety. Many patients report an improved sense of humor within a few weeks of beginning HGH therapy.
As stress levels decline, so, too, does the production of the hormone cortisol. Adults with higher levels of cortisol have difficulty getting enough sleep at night, which further reduces growth hormone secretion. Elevated cortisol levels keep growth hormone levels low. Improved sleep (which also increases energy and endurance) is another benefit of HGH therapy. Among the desirable benefits of using HGH is the effect on the neurotransmitter and dopaminergic systems that help to regulate critical neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin.

Benefits of HGH for Appearance

Some of the most desirable benefits of HGH injections have to do with improving how people look. Cellular regeneration is a critical function of growth hormone. New cells are vital for maintaining healthy hair growth, skin thickness and elasticity, and strong nails, as shown below:
  • Skin HGH therapy not only improves the regeneration of skin cells (keratinocytes), but it also increases the production of elastin and collagen, the substances that keep the skin elastic and looking plump. With HGH therapy, the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots decreases. People report less sagging and improved firmness and texture.
  • Hair As with the skin, the hair also benefits from an increased supply of new cells that make up each individual hair shaft. As the hair strands grow in thicker and stronger, they become less resistant to breakage and falling out.
  • Nails HGH therapy helps strengthen the growing nails, making them less prone to chipping, peeling, and breakage.
  • Toned Physique HGH and IGF-1 promote myoblast proliferation, affecting myofiber development. It also stimulates collagen synthesis in tendons and skeletal muscles to increase strength and exercise performance. Growth hormone deficiency frequently brings a decline in lean muscle mass and strength. HGH therapy reverses that loss, and coupled with the weight loss discussed in the next section, results in a better-toned physique.

Benefits of HGH for Metabolism and Weight Loss

The health benefits of HGH extend to promoting proper metabolism of food, which goes well beyond increasing energy levels. Impaired metabolic function, also called a sluggish metabolism, often leads to weight gain. Obesity is a major component of metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and many other health issues.

The benefits of HGH for weight loss help the body metabolize stored fat through lipolysis, reducing abdominal adiposity, and promoting the burning of excess fat.

Because weight gain is also a factor in decreased growth hormone levels, the benefits of HGH injections can directly influence natural growth hormone functions, and production.

Benefits of HGH for Anti-Aging

Although it may seem as though the benefits of HGH injections provide anti-aging effects, it is crucial to point out that HGH is not an anti-aging treatment.

Some doctors advertise the benefits of HGH for anti-aging, promoting a more youthful body and mind. With better focus and memory, a more toned physique, and younger-looking skin, these effects seem likely.

What is really happening is that HGH therapy is allowing the body to restore itself to how it should be – reversing the signs of early or premature aging that can occur with growth hormone deficiency. We are not resetting the clock – the truth about the benefits of HGH and aging is that GHD causes the body to age before its time. Someone who is forty may actually look and feel as if he or she was sixty due to growth hormone decline. HGH therapy restores the body to its rightful place, often making a person look as though they are ten to twenty years younger.

Long-Term Benefits of HGH for Adults

Among the long-term benefits of HGH is a considerable reduction in the risk of developing conditions such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Significant improvements in quality of life are reported by men and women diagnosed with GHD who receive HGH therapy.

Below we also find some specific male/female benefits of HGH therapy:
  • Men Among the desirable benefits of HGH for males is an improvement in erectile functions. Most men who receive HGH therapy report significant improvements in sexual desire, frequency, ability, and orgasm intensity.
  • Women As with men, the benefits of HGH for females also extend to the bedroom. HGH helps to support healthy sexual thoughts, vaginal secretions, and desires. Many women report intensified orgasms and better satisfaction. Other positive changes are a decrease in symptoms associated with PMS and menopause, including reduced night sweats and hot flashes.
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