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Genotropin Benefits for Adults with Growth Hormone Deficiency

Genotropin benefits

Genotropin benefits adults who have growth hormone deficiency (GHD) by improving many of the functions we take for granted every day. From sleep to immunity, metabolism to brain functions, growth hormone (GH) plays a critical role. Unfortunately, the older we get, the less GH our bodies make. If and when growth hormone levels get too low, HGH therapy can help. Many adults select Genotropin as their human growth hormone therapy of choice.

Manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, Genotropin benefits adults by supplying a daily dose of bioidentical HGH – with the same molecular structure as pituitary produced growth hormone. Upon administration into the body, Genotropin HGH goes to work binding with growth hormone receptor cells to support their functions.

The many benefits of Genotropin HGH for adults include:

  • Stimulating insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1) release from the liver which aids HGH in cellular regeneration throughout the body
  • Promoting proper metabolism of carbohydrates, protein, and lipids – creating energy rather than stored fat
  • Improving thymus gland functions for a healthier immune system
  • Increasing collagen and elastin production under the skin layers to firm and plump the skin while reducing the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulating receptors throughout the brain to support concentration, learning, processing, and memory functions
  • Supporting neurotransmitters in the brain to keep dopamine and serotonin levels in balance for a healthy emotional state

Continue reading to learn how Genotropin benefits women and men, the different injector options, and how to get the best possible HGH therapy results.

Genotropin benefits adults in many ways, reversing the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency.

What Does Genotropin Do for Women?

Overall, the benefits of Genotropin are similar for women and men. Everyone can look forward to increased libido, muscle mass, bone density, and energy. These are universal functions associated with growth hormone.

While women want the same motivation, productivity, and toned body as men, they also want to feel good about how they look. Waking up and looking in the mirror and finding tired eyes, wrinkles, sagging skin, and thinning hair staring back from the reflection can torpedo a woman’s self-image and self-esteem. It can leave her feeling depressed, withdrawn, and socially isolated from others. Add to that weight gain and flabby muscles, along with a lack of focus and forgetfulness, and it is no wonder that low libido is also an issue.

The list of Genotropin benefits below showcases why treatment for GHD is so crucial for women as they age:

  • Deeper, more restful sleep
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Loss of belly fat and improved muscle mass for a better-toned body
  • Stronger bones – reduced risk of osteoporosis
  • Healthier looking skin, hair, and nails – fewer wrinkles, sagging, and age spots
  • Happier mood – less depression and anxiety
  • Improved sex drive and pleasure
  • Sharper memory and brain functions
  • Increased motivation and productivity
  • Stronger immune system and reduced illness susceptibility

Not only do women look and feel younger, healthier, and happier, but these changes benefit everyone around them as they go about their days. Instead of collapsing at the end of each day, women find they have more energy to engage in meaningful activities for themselves.

What Does Genotropin Do for Men?

Men with GHD find that they gain belly fat, lose muscle mass, and often have trouble performing in the bedroom and the boardroom. From home to work and back again, growth hormone decline impacts productivity, passion, energy, and appearance. It is no wonder that many males who have GHD are depressed, mood, and isolated. Their children complain that they do not play anymore, and their spouses wonder why they are no longer interested in sex. They, themselves, worry that the best years of their lives are behind them.

Thanks to the benefits of Genotropin HGH, men can look forward to the following positive results:

  • Waking up refreshed and invigorated each day, focused at the tasks ahead
  • Watching the numbers on the scale go down as muscle mass improves
  • Less joint pains and body aches – more flexibility
  • Better focus and drive
  • Sharper brain functions and memory
  • Improved libido and erectile functions
  • Increased desire to socialize and participate in activities again
  • Better health, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and improved insulin sensitivity
  • Enhanced cardiac capacity for exercise
  • Improved hair growth and skin tone

These are only some of the many ways that Genotropin benefits enhance a man’s daily life.

Genotropin Pen or MiniQuick – Which Gives the Best Results?

Pfizer offers Genotropin in both 5 and 12 mg pens and Genotropin MiniQuick individual syringes. Genotropin pen benefits include replaceable cartridges so that you can continue to use the same pen. Each cartridge contains two compartments – one holding the HGH powder, the other the premeasured diluent. The solution mixes inside the cartridge when ready for use.

Depending on the dosage of HGH medication prescribed by the doctor, adults can choose between the Genotropin 5 mg and Genotropin 12 mg benefits of the pens. These simple-to-use injectors make administering your nightly shot quick and easy.

The Genotropin benefits of the MiniQuick injectors take convenience two steps further. First, these prefilled syringes come in ten different strengths. Each one-use disposable syringe contains two compartments, just as with the 5 and 12 mg cartridges mentioned above. Best of all, the syringes are room-temperature stable for up to three months. The solution in the MiniQuick mixes when ready for use, so this is an excellent option for men and women who like to travel.

Because the HGH medication is the same in any option, the decision comes down to which was is best for your lifestyle and budget.

How Can I Get the Best Benefits from Genotropin?

Getting the best Genotropin benefits begins with the first decision you will make – which doctor to contact for testing, diagnosis, and treatment. You will get the best results by selecting a hormone specialist who has extensive experience in treating growth hormone deficiency in men and women over age thirty.

Once you receive your HGH medication, you can help improve your results in the following ways:

  • Getting enough sleep – between seven and nine hours will maximize HGH effects on the body
  • Exercising three to five times a week to speed weight loss and muscle mass increase
  • Reducing stress to lower cortisol levels which opposes growth hormone actions in the body
  • Losing weight as belly fat can hinder GH levels and effects
  • Following doctor’s orders for HGH use to ensure maximum results

To get these and other benefits of Genotropin, adults can call and speak to a medical advisor here at Greenberg Health over the phone. Our free, confidential consultation service provides you with a way to get the answers you seek without leaving your home or office for an expensive office visit. Contact us today for more information about Genotropin HGH.