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Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Expensive?

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Expensive?

Testosterone replacement therapy can be considered expensive to some and not to others. The question of, “Is testosterone replacement therapy expensive,” can only be answered when you define that word. What constitutes costly or a lot of money can be a very relative definition when it comes to testosterone replacement therapy. When you are talking about spending money on something that can change your health and your life, what is expensive?

There is nothing more important than your health. As you grow older, your health will start to worsen, in part due to the fact that your testosterone levels will innately dip. All parts of the body slow down with age and the pituitary gland is one part that will slow down.

The pituitary gland is responsible for signaling the testicles in the male, the ovaries in the female and the adrenal glands in both genders to produce the hormone testosterone. When there is not enough testosterone being made in the body, health diminishes.

Many symptoms can be lethargy, low sexual libido, weight gain, muscle loss, weak bones, higher LDL cholesterol levels, weakened skin elasticity, a weakened immune system, emotional instability, body, joint and/or muscle pain, lack of ability to remember, concentrate or focus, sleep disturbances or insomnia and many other ailments can start to happen. Varying problems will begin to surface for different people when testosterone levels deplete.

Testosterone replacement therapy can help reverse the above mentioned symptoms, but it comes with a cost. How expensive is testosterone replacement therapy? This will all depend upon what a person needs as far as:

  • What medication is used for TRT
  • How much medication is used for therapy
  • How frequently a patient of TRT will need to take their medication

We can discuss average testosterone replacement therapy costs, but it is wise to keep in mind that testosterone replacement therapy prices will always vary depending upon the factors listed in the above list.

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Expensive?

What constitutes expensive testosterone replacement therapy? When you are talking about your health, longevity and quality of life, what is expensive is relative. Some people will pay the cost for working with a great testosterone replacement therapy clinic that offers one cost for everything including:

  • First free consultation with and advisor
  • Testing
  • Diagnosis
  • A prescription
  • Medication
  • All supplies for the self administration of the medication
  • Shipping of all medication and supplies directly to the patient
  • Medical supervision throughout therapy
  • Contact via phone and/or email with the clinical advisor throughout therapy
  • Ongoing testing

The cost of therapy will be discussed once it is known exactly what the patient needs. It is not uncommon that people will often have to budget for TRT in order to be able to afford it. These people find that putting aside the money each week or month to save for testosterone replacement therapy is worth every penny, as this therapy changes lives.

You may ask one person, “Is testosterone replacement therapy expensive,” and they may think that the question is irrelevant because of what it provides for them. Quality of life often does not hold a price tag.

How Much Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cost?

Below is a chart that outlines the cost of testosterone replacement therapy. The numbers listed here are for reference purposes only. Different manufacturers of varying medications will charge different prices to their clinics. In addition, clinics vary in cost from one to another.

However, for an example below is a chart that outlines some testosterone medication costs:

Medication name

Cost of medication per week

Depo Testosterone 1ml of 200mg/ml $70.00
Depo Testosterone 10 ml of 200mg/ml $300.00
Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Enanthate 10 ml of 200mg/ml $275.00
Testosterone cream 1.0 % 30 grams $125.00

Men will use testosterone injections and these can either be:

  • Testosterone Cypionate (brand name or generic)
  • Testosterone Enanthate (brand name or generic)
  • Testosterone Propionate (least prescribed by most TRT clinics)

The cost of testosterone replacement therapy using any of these medications will vary. Manufacturers, clinics and how much and how often the medication will be taken will all be factors in how expensive it will be.

Woman will usually be prescribed a testosterone cream or gel for their needs. They do not need as much testosterone as men do and so a cream ensures that they do not get too much. Experts agree that creams and gels are safer for women. The cost is approximately $125 month. Whether or not this is expensive, testosterone replacement therapy cost will vary from person to person.

What Is Included In The Cost Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Most honest and forthright TRT clinics will include everything that a patient will need for successful therapy. This will begin with that initial free consultation over the phone with an expert clinical advisor. Below is a list of everything that is included in the cost of testosterone therapy:

  1. That first conversation between the prospective patient and the expert clinical advisor is extremely important. This consult will help to get the client comfortable with the clinic when a great rapport is established with the advisor. In addition, potential clients can ask all the questions they need to ask in order to feel comfortable taking the next step.
  2. Clinical advisors will set up appointments for their patients to get blood tested at the closest LabCorp to where they either live or work.
  3. Patients will get medical exams.
  4. Patients will fill out online medical history forms.
  5. All information will be analyzed by the doctor in charge who will determine if he or she can give a diagnosis of a testosterone deficiency or low T.
  6. An accurate prescription and treatment plan will then be created.
  7. Medications will be shipped out to the patient’s home or office in a very discreet and timely manner.
  8. Clinical advisors will be available via telephone to assist clients with their initial injections or how to use their testosterone creams. Advisors will continue to be available either by phone or by email for their patients.
  9. Doctors will provide consistent medical monitoring throughout the entire therapeutic protocol.

We invite you to fill out our online contact form in order to speak with an expert clinical advisor regarding the question; Is testosterone replacement therapy expensive? Learn how much TRT may cost you and if it a viable option for your needs.