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Low Testosterone Treatments: Expectations and Options

Low T

Doctor prescribed low testosterone treatments by Greenberg Health combat the effects of declining testosterone levels. Expectations often turn to improving sex drive and muscle mass and strength. However, those are only two aspects of what testosterone does for the adult body. Men and women are equally susceptible to declining testosterone levels and the symptoms that accompany Low T.

While muscle size and sex drive are fueled by testosterone, so are many other functions in the body, including:

  • Proper metabolism of food
  • Weight management and fat burning
  • Bone mineral density
  • Hair growth
  • Brain functions
  • Memory
  • Cholesterol and triglyceride level regulations
  • Red blood cell production
  • Glucose uptake in tissues
  • Emotional well-being

If your only expectation is to improve your love life, you may be caught off guard when you start to lose weight or regrow thicker hair.

When you are considering a course of low testosterone treatment, what to expect should be at the forefront of your contemplations. Unless you are currently experiencing symptoms in any of the mentioned areas, your body probably does not need testosterone replacement therapy. If, however, you do find yourself tired, unfocused, less productive, and aging seemingly before your eyes, then low testosterone treatment probably will help.

Options for Effective Low Testosterone Treatments

A variety of low testosterone treatment options exist these days to help people increase the amount of testosterone in their bodies. The deciding factor is twofold:

  1. The level of testosterone in the bloodstream as shown by blood test results
  2. The physical symptoms of Low T and their severity

Some men and women who are only beginning to experience changes in testosterone levels and have very few and unobtrusive symptoms may benefit from a low testosterone treatment alternative, such as:

  • Exercise
  • Better sleep
  • Dietary changes

If, however, Low T is interfering with your life in some way, whether personally, professionally, or even just taking the joy out of life, then you may qualify for a prescription for testosterone therapy.

The most common and beneficial low testosterone level treatment options for men are:

  • Testosterone cypionate or testosterone enanthate injections
  • Transdermal testosterone skin patches
  • Transdermal testosterone gel
  • Oral transbuccal testosterone tablets
  • Surgically implantable testosterone pellets

The hormone specialist will discuss the various methods of treating testosterone deficiency to help you determine which is the right fit for your needs.

Women typically receive testosterone in the form of a custom compounded cream, although patches and gel are options – albeit much higher in price and often at too high a dosage. Testosterone cream is the best choice since it has the lower dose needed for women, and it is not as expensive as the other options.

How and Where to Get Low Testosterone Treatments

All forms of hormone replacement therapy, testosterone included, require a doctor’s prescription. You cannot pick up the phone and make a call to your physician to ask for him or her to make a call to the pharmacy. Most family or general practitioners will not prescribe testosterone. It is best to contact a hormone replacement specialist if you feel that any of your hormones are not in the balance that provides optimum health.

Since testosterone levels begin to decline after age thirty in men and around menopause in women, the chances are high that if you are an adult over the age of thirty, you may have concerns about Low T.

Low testosterone treatment centers can be found in nearly every major city as well as many smaller towns throughout the US. You can also find national hormone clinics such as this one, Greenberg Health, that can help you remotely without requiring office visits.

If you choose to go the cost and time savings route of the national clinic for low testosterone treatment, USA residents will follow this simple procedure:

  1. Contact Greenberg Health for a confidential consultation by phone – there is no charge for this
  2. Visit a local lab to have a blood specimen drawn once we have arranged for your blood test
  3. Go to any doctor you choose for a physical examination – the report will be transmitted to our clinic
  4. Complete our online health questionnaire
  5. Schedule our follow-up phone consultation to learn your test results and to discuss any prescribed treatment plan – your medication will be ordered at that time

If you are looking to make positive changes in your life that will improve your health and well-being, contact us today for your free consultation.