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How Long Should I Take HGH Injections?

How Long Should I Take HGH Injections

When your doctor prescribes human growth hormone (HGH) therapy, it is because your blood test results have shown you to be deficient in this hormone. Unfortunately, as we age, the body reduces how much HGH it produces.

A deficiency can cause numerous unwanted symptoms, some of which can be so severe they interfere with your quality of life, health, and happiness. How long should I take HGH injections is a commonly asked question. We recommend asking that question after six months of treatment when we can see how your body responds to the HGH therapy.

Unlike medications that cure a particular health condition, such as antibiotics to clear up an infection, HGH does not function in that manner. With any form of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), you are merely supplementing what is missing. It is the same thing with someone who needs to take vitamin D due to a deficiency. Supplements are often a life-long necessity.

However, with HGH injections, a person may or may not need to take them indefinitely. Different scenarios can occur when you ask, how long should I take injections of HGH, such as these:

  • The use of HGH injections provides you with the weight loss, increased energy, and reduced joint pains you needed to start exercising again. With higher HGH levels, you are sleeping better at night. You have reduced your stress/cortisol levels. All of that can help your body increase natural growth hormone production. As a result, you may be able to stop taking HGH injections after 6 or 12 months.
  • You have the same scenario as above, but your body still is not producing quite enough growth hormone for its needs. Instead of continuing with HGH, the doctor recommends you use a secretagogue such as ipamorelin or sermorelin. Secretagogues help stimulate increased growth hormone production.
  • You decide you like the way you feel with HGH therapy, and, since it is safe, you continue with treatment. Of course, the doctor will continue to reevaluate your dosage every six months as you will likely need less to help sustain your results.
How long should I take HGH injections – there is no way to know until six months into treatment to see how your body reacts.

How Will I Know When to Stop Taking HGH Injections?‎

There is no straightforward answer that will magically show you when to stop taking HGH therapy. At the six-month mark, you will have another consultation with your medical advisor to evaluate your progress. Blood tests will show how your body has responded to the treatment.

The answer to how long should I take HGH injections may be available at that time, or you may need to continue with another course of treatment. Ultimately, the decision is subjective on your part, based on how you look, feel, and what you want to accomplish.

Please know that Greenberg Health is here to help you decide the proper course of treatment for your needs. Our medical advisors provide free, confidential phone consultations to men and women throughout the US. Contact us today for more information about HGH injection therapy for adults with growth hormone deficiency.