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The Dangers of Buying Cheap HGH Injections

Cheap HGH Injections

Some people will do anything to improve their appearance, health, or energy, even resort to buying cheap HGH injections. The belief that the only way to get low-cost HGH injections is via the internet black market is not true. What could happen instead is that a person who needs HGH therapy for medical reasons winds up buying something that poses serious health dangers.

Fear over the high-cost of HGH injections is unfounded. Although the price of HGH injections was exorbitant at one time, that was when only one pharmaceutical company produced human growth hormones. Today, you have many viable, high-quality choices. Competition drives the price of HGH to the point of affordability for most people.

Buying the cheapest HGH injections you can find also brings these potential dangers to the scene:

  • Use of inferior ingredients to manufacture the HGH – this may diminish the effects or cause severe health reactions if the compounds used were toxic
  • Companies that take name-brand HGH and dilute it to lower prices – they can sell more that way
  • Product substitutions for other medications – a different drug does not provide the same benefits and could cause health problems
  • Receiving expired HGH injections or products that were not maintained at the required temperatures

Bacterial residue, fraudulent companies, and judicial prosecution are other concerns when buying cheap HGH without a prescription.

How to Tell if You Are Buying Poor-Quality Cheap HGH Injections

It is relatively easy to tell if you are about to buy cheap HGH injections. Does the cost seem too good to be true compared to other websites? If so, that is your first hint that something is not right.

Real, high-quality HGH cannot be sold at bargain-basement prices. You cannot buy a recommend brand such as Genotropin for the same price as cheaper Chinese-made growth hormones (not recommended).

The next warning sign when getting cheap HGH injections for sale is if the company is located in the US. If so, they will require a prescription for HGH. If not, they may not care if you have a prescription. They will not be the ones to face prosecution – you will. US jurisdiction has no governance over foreign companies.

Finally, if you already made a purchase and have concerns, get the product tested by a lab. Yes, this will cost you a lot of money, but your health is worth it. You will have been better off spending a little bit more to ensure that you purchased legit HGH in the first place.

How to Get High-Quality Cheap HGH Injections

You do not have to turn to online “pharmacies” to get cheap HGH injections. Sale prices are another ruse to avoid. Pharmaceutical medications do not “go on sale.”

What you can do is find a national hormone clinic such as ours – Greenberg Health. How do we save you money on HGH injections?

First, we eliminate the office visits. When you do not have to pay to see a specialist you can pocket those savings. Your consultation will be by telephone – at a time convenient to your schedule. No sitting in a waiting room wondering when your name will finally be called.

Second, we provide price-negotiated blood testing with a chain of national laboratories. A quick early morning visit will keep you on track with your busy schedule.

Third, you can get a physical from any doctor. Some people save time and money by visiting a walk-in clinic.

Finally, we provide a variety of affordable options so that you do not have to resort to the internet for cheap HGH injections.

Complete the short form on this page or call us today for your confidential consultation at no charge.