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Naturally vs. Biosynthetically Produced HGH: Do You Understand It?

How to Get HGH Naturally

For those of you who are new to the idea of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), the amount of combined information from all of the media outlets can be a little overwhelming.  Even with a little bit of knowledge, on the subject of naturally vs. biosynthetically produced HGH: do you understand it?

Natural (endogenous) growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. Its primary function is to promote the growth and metabolism of the body cells that make up the base of nearly every system function, beginning with linear and sexual growth and including regulation of blood chemistry, mental stability, mobility, sexual function and cognition.

Biosynthetic (exogenous) GH, or HGH, is produced in a laboratory with recombinant DNA technology as an exact copy of natural GH, which allows it to be accepted by the body as natural and utilized in the exact same way.

This is the difference between biosynthetic and synthetic medication. Synthetic products are created with substances that are foreign to the body, whereas biosynthetic products are not manufactured that way.

Many have been scared away from the prospect of HRT due to issues stemming from the use of synthetic hormones which had caused major problems in the past. They look for information on how to get HGH naturally without understanding that biosynthetic HGH is very natural. The body can’t even tell the difference between rDNA-created GH and its own.

Despite its laboratory origins, bio-identical growth hormone has the same properties and abilities as endogenous GH; when it is introduced into the body system, it is reacted to as if it were created there.

It takes that specific manufacturing process to create the bioidentical version, and it is only available as a prescribed injectable medication; there are no alternative formulations. Over-the-counter pills, creams or sprays are not legitimate means of providing replenishment therapy and are not methods of how to get HGH naturally, despite their claims.

If the body isn’t producing an adequate supply, the only way to get GH naturally is with biosynthetic injections.

Injectable HGH Therapy is Natural

The best-case scenario for treating any medical condition is to have the ability to do it naturally, without the use of any outside products. Unfortunately, certain circumstances require outside intervention for the resolving of issues.

Regarding HRT, the only way to get the most effective treatment for Adult Growth Hormone Disorder (AGHD) is with HGH injections, which by their nature of being medically administered can cause people to overlook them as the one viable means of how to get HGH naturally. Instead, people will look first at the basic methods of changing lifestyle habits (which will help somewhat), and then, if that is not sufficient, they will look towards vitamins, homeopathic products and other remedies, believing them to be more natural than anything that needs to be prescribed by a doctor.

The logic in this way of thinking is understandable, and in many cases it is valid, however it is not the case with HRT.

When a body is clinically hormonally deficient, the only remedy that will correct it is full replenishment – fully restoring the hormone levels back up to their normal, optimal levels. Boosting hormonal levels marginally with corrected diet, sleep and exercise is not enough because the body at that point is behind in its system processes, and certain damages have occurred. Full restoration is needed not only to revive the body’s proper functionality, but also to repair that damage.

While it may seem a little hard to accept at first, bio-identical HGH injections is how to get HGH naturally, even though treatment is a prescribed medical procedure.

Bio identical injections vs. OTC Products

How is it that a prescribed medicine can be better than market products that are made with natural ingredients like vitamins, minerals and amino acids?

Bio-identical HGH is manufactured using a special engineering process called recombinant DNA technology, of which the end result product is a molecular duplicate of natural growth hormone that works exactly as the original, and is legitimately how to get HGH naturally.

OTC growth hormone products claim to provide the same health benefits as injections. That is not the case, and the proof is in the molecular structure of GH. Everyone accepts that insulin is an injectable medicine; this is because its molecule is too large for absorption through pores or mucous membranes. The GH molecule is larger than the insulin molecule; it, too, is too large for either of those administration methods.

Another fact about its molecular structure is its protein base. A protein that is swallowed will be digested by the stomach before it would be able to get into the rest of the body.

The products marketed on store shelves cannot contain any GH for these reasons, and therefore, cannot provide the same results as injectable hormones. The injection of biosynthetic HGH is the only means of how to get HGH naturally.

At best, OTC sprays, pills and creams can only be as effective as basic multi-vitamins, and that is dependent on the quality of their ingredients. They are not real methods of HRT.

What Natural HGH Can do For You

AGHD if left untreated can be a debilitating problem. It has the potential to limit independence by limiting the physical and mental wherewithal a person needs to be able to take care of him or herself. Knowing how to get HGH naturally can prevent the loss of independence that happens to so many older adults when AGHD goes undiagnosed.

How is it possible that AGHD can do that to a person? Let’s take a look at some of the symptoms that occur with this deficiency:

  • Joint pain, stiffness, and lack of flexibility
  • Loss of recall
  • Limited cognitive function
  • Vision problems
  • Weaker bones prone to fracture
  • Weakened muscles with no lean mass
  • Weight gain
  • Limited capacity for exercise
  • Sleep problems
  • Slow healing
  • Weakened immune system
  • Irregular cholesterol levels
  • High blood pressure
  • Poor cardiac output
  • Deterioration of internal organs
  • Chronic fatigue and tiredness.

The most obvious limitation on this list is the higher potential for bone fractures, which are the leading cause of independence loss for older adults; with the longer healing time each injury or illness will take, the chances of an adult being able to regain full mobility dwindle. Vision problems can lead to early loss of a driver’s license. A weakened immune system can leave an individual susceptible to every airborne pathogen; people will begin to close themselves off from other people and from doing certain activities just to avoid catching something.

Some of the more severe outcomes of a growth hormone deficiency are cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, and even dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Kingsberg Medical offers information showing how to get HGH naturally with biosynthetic injections in HRT programs designed to fully replenish the supply of GH for each patient, reversing these symptoms and preventing them from ruining the quality of a person’s life in their later years.