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Bridging the Gap When You Aren’t Making Enough HGH Hormone Naturally

Get HGH Naturally

Mental and physical functionality of the body begins to decline in correlation with the natural lessening of growth hormone production. Chronic fatigue, depression, memory loss, lack of flexibility, loss of muscle mass and bone strength are just some of the characteristics of that natural decline.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a means of bridging the gap when you aren’t making enough HGH hormone naturally. The procedure involves first a testing of the blood to determine exactly how low the person’s levels are and to learn where they should be at for optimal function. Then a precisely measured dose is injected regularly over a period of six to twelve months to raise the levels back up to that amount fully to allow the body its ability to both recover from the accumulated damage while still maintaining adequate upkeep against daily wear and tear.

A person can get HGH naturally with bio identical HGH injections prescribed by a physician, who will monitor the patient’s full treatment regimen to mark the expected milestones over that period of time and to be able to catch any adverse reactions immediately, if any.

These are not synthetic medications; synthetic substances are those that are not naturally produced. When synthetics are introduced into the system, they are not recognized and considered foreign or toxic and treated accordingly.

It is the bio-identical formulation that allows an individual to get HGH naturally. Bio identical is the term used to describe a medication that is a molecular duplicate of the body substance it is designed to replace.

When genuine HGH medication is administered, it is welcomed and utilized immediately by the body.

Scores of trials and tests have proven its safety; side effects from this medication are rare and usually dose-related. As natural as it is, its purpose is only to replace what is missing and not to be supplied in an amount that is not natural for the individual. If the dosage exceeds the need, side effects are a certainty. This is the reason behind the governmental prescription regulations.

Can the Body Be Made to Produce HGH Without Supplementation?

The body produces growth hormone in bursts in differing amounts during specific times of day and/or activity levels. It is produced in the highest amounts during the deepest period of sleep. A person who does not sleep long enough to reach that stage or who does not get enough sleep in general will limit how much GH is secreted.

During intense periods of physical activity is the second-best time for GH secretion. Not getting enough exercise also limits GH secretion.

The problem is, natural decline is going to happen no matter how well you take care of yourself; it is unavoidable. Some adults will be lucky enough to have lower levels without experiencing any debilitating symptoms, but many will not, because one cannot escape genetic chemistry or environmental factors that can affect the rate of decline. Those adults need to get HGH naturally through hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Once a person is clinically deficient, symptoms will continue to progress and develop further enough to be more debilitating. Even the changing of routines to include more sleep and exercise will not be enough to counteract deficiency at this level.

Some symptoms of a growth hormone deficiency are:

  • Insomnia and sleep disturbances
  • Incapacity to exercise
  • Slow recovery and healing
  • Fatigue
  • Weakened bones and muscles
  • Joint pain and stiffness.

It’s easy to see that the symptoms themselves can further limit the body’s production of growth hormone by what was just mentioned. Sleep and exercise are necessary to GH production, yet deficiency limits the ability for both.

The above symptoms are only a few that are associated with a GH disorder. To reverse these symptoms and restore ability, get HGH naturally from the hormone specialists at Kingsberg Medical.

What Side Effects are Caused by HGH?

HGH injections are considered to be natural because they are exact duplicates of the GH produced naturally by the body. This medication makes it possible to get HGH naturally from a source outside the body.

When authentic medication is used, side effects are minimal. Occasionally, there may be some redness or hardening of the skin around the injection site, but this can be alleviated by rotating the spots where the needle is inserted.

Other side effects are rare. There are two usual-case scenarios where side effects occur: when either the medication is not genuine, or the dose is too high.

Side effect from these circumstances can include:

  • Joint swelling
  • Fluid retention
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Headaches
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Abnormal bone and joint growth (acromegaly)
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular disease

While some may believe that HRT is a safe method of athletic enhancement, it is not. Unnecessary use, overuse or improper use of this medication will result in side effects that are worse that the symptoms of deficiency, and in some cases are irreparable.

This is why HGH cannot be prescribed on symptoms alone, and will not be prescribed to anyone in professional sports or bodybuilding.

The goal of Kingsberg Medical physicians is to improve the overall health and quality of a person’s life; unnecessary prescriptions are counterintuitive to that aim.

Call our representatives today and be scheduled for the blood test to see if you qualify to get HGH naturally with our high quality, bio identical injectable therapy programs.

How Can You Get HGH Prescribed Legally?

HGH therapy is a prescribed treatment that uses medication that is controlled and regulated. This is to prevent harmful misuse of the medicine as well as providing the right setting for the individual to purchase genuine HGH.

You can get HGH naturally from bio identical injection medication prescribed by a doctor. Other formulations such as pills, nasal sprays and creams are not genuine growth hormone products and will never be prescribed by a licensed medical professional. Illegal counterfeit injectables will not be prescribed either.

Seeing a doctor is the only way to ensure not purchasing illegal medicine.

The basic rule of thumb is that if the medication is not purchased through a legitimate medical facility, it is not legal. You can call the facility and ask them where they obtain their medications from; if their answers are vague, or their sources appear to be outside of the United States, the establishment is not a real medical facility.

You can make sure that the professional you are seeing is a licensed doctor by asking to see his credentials.

Prescriptions for GH medicines need to be backed by the proof of deficiency found in a valid blood evaluation (the blood test must be conducted at a medical facility by trained medical personnel).

If you have noticed that you are experiencing symptoms of deficiency like a lack of interest in sex, slower mental and physical function, mental instability, sleeping problems, weaker joints, bones and muscles, you may be a candidate to get HGH naturally from Kingsberg Medical.

Call today and speak to one of our highly knowledgeable representatives for more information and to be scheduled for the essential blood work.