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What Are The Most Popular Tev-Tropin Side Effects: A List

Tev-Tropin side effects

While we share the most popular Tev-Tropin side effects, we do it in an effort to educate consumers and patients, not to scare them. It is wise to know all the facts about a medication that you take just in case you feel something that might not seem right when you take the injection.

Read, understand and become aware of some of the side effects of Tev-Tropin, but do not worry about them or expect them to occur. They are very rare and usually only occur when:

  1. A person is experiencing an allergic reaction to the medication
  2. A dosage is too high for the patient
  3. A patient takes a tainted, fake or inauthentic medication that they purchased from a non-reputable source

Here is a list of the most popular Tev-Tropin side effects:


Itching at injection site

Redness at injection site


Swelling of ankles, feet, hands or face

Swelling of mouth, gums or tongue

Shortness of breath

Difficulty breathing



Stomach cramping



Loose stool

Dry mouth

Ulcers in mouth

Blood in stool

Blood in urine

Darker colored stool

Darker colored urine

Bad breath

Fruity smell to breath

Increased urination

Increased thirst

Increased hunger

Dry or flaking skin


Tingly feeling of any part of the body

Blurry vision

Stiffness or pain in body, muscles or joints

Weight gain or weight loss


Ejaculation problems

Elongated erections

Breast swelling or pain in men

Male patterned balding in women


Anxiety or tension

Inability to focus or concentrate

Inability to sleep or sleep disturbances



Mental fogginess




A deepening of the voice

A decrease in the size of a man’s testicles

Mood swings


Chest pain

Chest tightness

Never allow any of the above mentioned Tev-Tropin side effects to go on any longer than it takes to make a phone call to your advisor to share what is happening. A side effect that seems minimal could get worse with time or with further use of the medication. If you allow it to continue, it could lead to other more serious problems. Avoid this from occurring by contacting us immediately.

Our advisors are in direct communication with our doctors and therefore, there can be a quick change made in a dosage of medication. The doctor should be the only one to tell you what to do if a problem occurs; unless you need to visit your local emergency room.  Yes, side effects of Tev-Tropin are rare, but they should be taken seriously if they do occur.

What Can You Do To Avoid The Most Common Tev-Tropin Side Effects

The first piece of advice that anyone should give a patient of hormone replacement therapy is to only work with a reputable clinic that offers testing, real 100 percent pure medications and medical supervision. HRT should never be done without being under the care of a fully trained and licensed physician; the same one who diagnosed you and prescribed your medication for you.

In addition, you should always work closely with your clinical advisor. This means, calling in frequently to share your experience, your results and any Tev-Tropin side effects that may occur.

Some more advice that patients of HRT should listen to in order to avoid the most common Tev-Tropin side effects is:

  • Make sure you look at your medication vials before using them. They should contain clear liquid. The solution should never look murky or cloudy.
  • Never use a medication if it looks like the vial has been tampered with or opened.
  • Never work with an unqualified human growth hormone clinic.
  • Never buy medications from personal trainers, gym goers, from overseas or from anyone not licensed in the field of endocrinology (or a closely related medical field).
  • Always make sure that the clinic you choose mandates testing with blood work and a physical exam.
  • Understand the importance of following your prescription exactly as written and not deviating from your treatment plan without consulting your doctor first.

If you have questions about what you are experiencing while taking your medication or what to do with your medication, ask us. We are here to make sure that your HRT journey is a great one that is free of side effect from Tev-Tropin.