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A List Of The Most Common Side Effects Of Sermorelin GHRP 6

Sermorelin GHRP 6 Side Effects

As with any medication that one will use for treatment of any issue, it is important to understand both the benefits and the side effects of what you are taking. When participating in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) it is wise to learn all about the most common Sermorelin acetate side effects for raising human growth hormone (HGH) levels. Not that these will occur, but it is smart to just to be aware of them.

When this medication is used correctly, side effects should not occur. However, there is always the possibility that a dosage is not exactly right or that an allergic reaction could happen. Here is a comprehensive list of the most common Sermorelin negative side effects:

Possible Sermorelin

GHRP 6 Side Effects




Blood in urine


Darker colored urine


Blood in stool


Darker colored stool

Irritation at injection site


Itching at injection site


Redness at injection site




Swelling of arms and/or legs


Swelling of ankles


Swelling of face, mouth, tongue

Stomach cramps

Swelling of gums

Shortness of breath

Bad breath

Irregular heart beat (too fast or too slow)

Fruity smelling breath

Chest pain or pressure

Dry mouth

Tightness in chest

Ulcerations in mouth



Fatigue or lethargy


Mentally foggy feeling

Mood swings




Inability to sleep

Numbness or tingling feeling

Breast swelling


Breast pain


Elongated erections

Male patterned baldness

Ejaculation issues

A deepening of the voice

Decrease in size of testicles

Emotional instability

Inability to focus

Feeling stressed or shaky

Inability to concentrate


How Do You Handle Sermorelin GHRP Side Effects

Always take Sermorelin GHRP side effects seriously. Never leave something that seems out of the ordinary from the medication without attention. One never knows if those issues could get worse. Stop using your medication immediately and consult with your clinical advisor if you feel anything uncomfortable or that you think is not a “normal” feeling.

Some of the more serious side effects of Sermorelin injections are when swelling of body parts (especially the tongue and throat) or shortness of breath and dizziness occur. This is when there could be a possible allergic reaction and action should take place immediately.

To be more specific, the side effects from Sermorelin such as swelling of the mouth or tongue could cause issues such as the throat closing up or a patient not being able to breathe. This is when medical attention should be gotten immediately to avoid worse long term side effects of Sermorelin.

Always take Sermorelin GHRP side effects seriously. Stop using your medication immediately and consult with your clinical advisor if any Sermorelin side effects occur.

Please remember that Sermorelin GHRP 6 side effects are very rare. If you are working with a very successful and known clinic like Greenberg Health, you know you will be in the best hands possible. We offer top customer service to all of our patients, only work with licensed physicians who read test results to confirm a GH deficiency is present before diagnosing, accurately prescribing medication and then medically supervising therapy progress.

In addition, our clinical advisors are some of the best in the business. They answer questions, help support patients throughout therapy with their injections and are very understanding and compassionate.

So, what does all this mean? Our successful track record, proper diagnosing and prescribing without Sermorelin HGH side effects speaks to our professionalism and good standing. We plan to stay that way as we continue to help people with GH deficiencies to raise their growth hormone levels so that they can live lives full of quality.

What Can You Do To Avoid Sermorelin GHRP 6 Side Effects

There are many ways to avoid having to deal with Sermorelin growth hormone side effects. One of the most obvious ways is to never use a human growth hormone (HGH) clinic that is not well known and reputable. They must work with licensed doctors, trained clinical advisors, provide testing, write prescriptions and provide medical supervision. These are the most important pieces to a successful, safe and legal HRT program.

Here are some other ways to help avoid Sermorelin therapy side effects:

  • Only purchase medications from reliable and reputable sources. Never buy from overseas or from the black market online. You must make sure that you are getting real injectable medications and not fake ones that can contain very dangerous bacterial residue.

If medications have bacteria in them that get in from a cheap manufacturing process and you inject them into your body, there is no telling what kinds of Sermorelin long term side effects could occur. Anything could be in that solution that you buy. You could get the solution tested to make sure it is real, but that can come at a great cost.  

It is always best to purchase medication that you know is real. You can do that by purchasing it from a reliable source. This will greatly cut down on any possible side effects of Sermorelin acetate.

  • Never use the same injection spot on your body twice in a row. To avoid Sermorelin injections side effects from the needles and medication, rotate the places that you deliver your shots. This will reduce the possibility of having irritation, itching, swelling or redness at your injection site. You can inject in the muscles of the deltoids, the gluts or the thighs.
  • Your clinical advisor will tell you where exactly to inject your medication on those muscles too. For an example, if you are going to inject in your thigh, it is highly recommended that you do not use the muscle that goes up the center or up the inside of the thigh. You will use the outer muscle. This will reduce side effects of Sermorelin like pain at the injection site.

Your advisor will also show you how to treat the injections site before and after the injection takes place.

  • Always be responsible when giving yourself injections. To avoid bacteria from getting into your medication (in the vial) or into your body during the self administration of the medication, you will sterilize everything with the included alcohol pads (in your kit).

You will need to use the alcohol pads included in the area on the skin where you will inject, on the needles and on the vials. You will learn about sterilizing the needles and vials when you learn to use your needles and syringes. This is another great way to avoid many of the most common side effects Sermorelin.

  • Be responsible with accepting the mandated medical supervision from our licensed physicians. Keep in contact when required and keep clinical advisors informed of your progress throughout therapy.
  • If anything feels out of the ordinary while you are taking your injections, take action fast and call your advisor to report the issue(s). This will help to minimize the negative side effects of Sermorelin if they occur and to keep them from getting worse. Reporting problems quickly can help keep you out of danger, especially if you are experiencing an allergic reaction to a medication.