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HGH vs. HCG – What is the Difference?


A common question today focuses on the difference between HGH vs. HCG. Our doctors at Greenberg Health want to make certain that you do not confuse one hormone for the other, as they have very different functions in the body. Those who know that one of these hormones will help with libido, muscle loss, decreased bone density, a sluggish metabolism, impaired memory, and other issues want to know which option is right for them.

Many people who come here want to know about HGH vs. HCG weight loss because they are tired of trying diets that do not work. That is understandable – sometimes no matter how hard you try, and how much you stick to a particular weight loss program, those unwanted pounds just will not leave your body. The first thing we have to do is find out why. Is the cause of weight gain due to growth hormone deficiency? If it is, then HGH is the answer. If not, then you may want to try the HCG Diet. We will explore the differences in the sections below.

Why Doctors Prescribe HGH

Doctors specializing in hormone therapy prescribe HGH when blood test results show that adults over thirty are deficient in growth hormone. When comparing HGH or HCG for fat loss , a person with low GH levels will find that increasing that particular chemical will improve metabolic function, allowing for the body to start burning stored fat at an efficient rate. Most people will lose an average of ten percent of body fat during a six-month course of HGH therapy – without any changes to diet or exercise. Make these improvements, and even better results will come.

HGH therapy will improve energy, blood cholesterol levels, muscle tone, bone density, eyesight, hair growth, collagen production, focus, memory, immunity, and sexual desire. Doctors rarely prescribe HGH and HCG together. Human growth hormone therapy will cover a vast array of benefits in the body, including losing weight. It will only work for people who do have a GH deficiency.

The HCG Diet – What It Is

Now let us take a look at HGH vs. HCG diet. You have probably heard about losing 30 pounds in 30 days. This is the cornerstone of the HCG Diet. It is a rapid weight loss program for people who are committed to sticking with an 800 calorie a day meal plan that cuts out dairy, carbohydrates, grains, fats, and sugars from your diet. You will self-administer HCG and vitamin B 12 injections at home each day. The HCG, which is also known as the “pregnancy hormone,” allows the body to unlock the deep fat stores that are typically secured during times of low caloric intake as prevention, and release them for burning as energy.

If you do not have growth hormone deficiency or if your only issue is the desire to lose weight as quickly as possible, then comparing HGH vs. HCG for weight loss will most likely lead to the HCG Diet. This four-phase weight loss program helps you lose up to a pound a day or more before stabilizing your body as your maintain your new figure for life.

Choosing Between HGH and HCG

Choosing between HGH and HCG injections starts with you making the determination of what is the most important aspect of these hormones. Are you trying to help your brain functions improve clarity and focus? Do you want better sleep, sharper memory, and a reversal of the feelings of depression? If so, you will want to speak with the hormone specialist about HGH therapy. To improve your appearance by firming your skin, growing thicker hair, losing weight, and toning your muscles, while also improving your immunity and health, then turn to human growth hormones.

If, however, the only thing you want right now is to lose weight fast, then it is time to ask about the HCG Diet. We do not recommend an HGH and HCG stack , but we will help you determine the right program for your needs. Contact Greenberg Health for a confidential, no-cost consultation to learn how the right hormone can help you.