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How Much Does HGH Cost?

How Much Does HGH Cost

Adults today are often surprised by how affordable it is to restore balance to their growth hormone levels that will bring back vitality, vibrancy, and well-being. How much does HGH cost once the doctor determines you need HGH therapy?

You do not need to spend thousands of dollars every month on HGH injections. There are affordable options, including the use of Sermorelin to increase HGH levels in those who do not have a severe deficiency. Do you know what is involved in getting HGH? Human growth hormone therapy is not a pill – it is a daily injection that you can administer in the privacy of your home. Because you will be using needles, one of the items on the shopping list is a Sharps container. Unlike other companies, Greenberg Health supplies that with your HGH kit so you will not have any added costs.

How much does a kit of HGH cost and what comes with it? Aside from the Sharps container, your package will include all necessary needles and syringes. If you purchase a reusable HGH injector pen system, you will have disposable needles that get attached for an injection and then discarded after one use. If you choose the standard vials of lyophilized HGH powder, you will have disposable syringes that come as an all in one unit ready to use and discard.

The HGH vials also come with a bottle of bacteriostatic solution for mixing, along with a mixing syringe. Alcohol prep wipes for sterilizing the vials and your skin round out the supplies. Of course, complete instructions, along with online videos, are included in the HGH kit.

Determining the Cost of HGH

The determination of your HGH cost begins with your consultation. You must first speak with a hormone specialist to ascertain if a hormonal imbalance could be the cause of your symptoms. If it is possible, you will then undergo blood analysis that will measure some blood levels for deficiency. This will help determine the level of a decline and provide information useful in the process of calculating your HGH dosage.

How much does HGH cost with a prescription once the doctor ascertains the dosage? The next step is making a selection from the variety of HGH brands and injector styles. Our hormone providers recommend five top brands of human growth hormones:

Although you want to know right now how much does HGH cost per month, until you select your brand, and injector style, we cannot answer that question. Each of the pharmaceutical companies providing HGH offers it in a number of options, including easy to use pen delivery systems. This selection will affect the final price of your treatment.

How to Get Affordable HGH

HGH therapy does not have to be expensive. Yes, you can choose the priciest option on the market if you care more about the simplicity and convenience of a particular product, but even so, Greenberg Health can still save you money by eliminating the cost of office visits to the doctor. When you ask us how much does HGH cost, we start by saving you money with confidential telephone consultations that allow you to speak with a hormone specialist without leaving your home or office. This adds up to quite a bit of money over the course of treatment.

To get the answer to how much does HGH cost in the US, pick up the phone right now and contact our hormone replacement clinic. We want to help you get legal, safe HGH that you cannot get from a website that allows you to upload your credit card number without providing a prescription. Not only is that illegal, but it can also end up with you receiving counterfeit medication that could harm your health.

Greenberg Health offers free consultations by phone, the option of visiting the local doctor of your choosing for your exam, and convenient lab locations near your home or office for blood analysis. For additional information, contact us today.