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HGH Injections

HGH InjectionsThere comes a point when innovations in science and technology appear in the daily news feed, and perhaps nowhere else is this more evident than when we discuss HGH injections. There have certainly been stories related to the inappropriate use of this powerful medication in professional sports. However, as a consumer looking for ways to improve your physical condition, this outcry of concern over athletes speaks to one very important fact … injectable growth hormone works! For the record, injectable HGH has been okayed by the government regulators people whose growth hormone deficiency has been verified by their doctor. At the our clinics that specialize in hormone related issues, we carefully test every prospective client to be certain you need this protocol and will be in agreement with these rules. We don’t work with anyone who is looking to use this life-altering medication as a performance enhancing drug. The underlying message of this headline-grabbing international news item is crucial for the average person who has a verifiable HGH deficiency. It is that using HGH therapy actually works. In fact, it works so well that authorities in the sporting world believe it gives an unfair advantage to those who use it over their peers. What does this mean for you? Basically, you are perfectly situated to finally win back your advantage in your business world and in your home life. You can use HGH Injections to change your course and once again have growth hormone supplies which give you a keen intellect and healthy body. As a regular person, just imagine what having such an edge in life might mean, what abundant growth hormone could do for someone who goes through life under these circumstances? As you might well dream, it could mean significantly improved health and vitality. We will go over all the details here in the passages that follow. You’ll find detailed information explaining what a difference HGH injections can create and why it works so well. We will list for you many remarkable changes our clients have experienced when they follow this program and increase their diminished stores of GH. Lastly, we’ll provide all the necessary instructions regarding how to obtain HGH Injections so you can enjoy what many people consider to be the premier medical advancement of our lifetime.

Advantages of HGH Injections

Here’s what we do know about the advantages HGH injections:
  • Bioidentical, or synthetic, human growth hormone contains Somatropin as an active ingredient. Somatropin is a protein that is derived by using a process of recombinant DNA that allows a laboratory to produce rhGH for use in HGH replacement treatment.
  • Clinical studies and practical use of GH since the mid 1980’s proves that for those individuals with a deficiency, taking HGH injections brings about dramatic results.
  • The many commonly cited advantages of HGH injections include: weight loss, muscle gain, increased energy, and overall increase in youthful characteristics.
  • HGH injections are produced by nearly every major pharmaceutical laboratory, and these premium brands are the same doctor prescribeds used by our specialty clinics. We specialize in name brands produced by Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Serono, Novo Nordisk and others. These are government approved medications and they deliver.
  • The advantages of growth hormone injections prescribed by our highly trained doctors are great, but the bottom line of the science is this: this is a manufactured compound which is identical to the hormone created by your pituitary gland. Since this has amino acid composition exactly the same as the body’s real HGH, this growth hormone we refer to as recombinant (rhGH) has the same effect on your system, YOUR human body, as do the hormones created by the pituitary gland at the base of your brain. Medically, there is no difference.
  • HGH injections, when prescribed by our doctors, work exactly as we would want them to work. That’s the really good news. You can depend on this program to get you the results you want.

HGH Injections Good or Bad?

Asking HGH injections good or bad is a bit like asking if sunshine is good or bad. After all, without it we would not have life on this planet. It plays a vital role in the function of every living thing. Just as life would not exist without the sunshine, your cells would cease to reproduce without growth hormone, and your body would cease to exist. This therapy program is not introducing some new or unknown chemical into your system. It is simply replacing something you definitely need, but which has unfortunately faded away over the passage of time. You have always had human growth hormone; it has been secreted by the pituitary gland since your birth. Regardless of whether you get enough or not, this critical hormone is still being secreted every day and every night. This secretion put out by “the master gland” is absolutely beneficial. Active treatment containing HGH Injections began in 1985 when Genentech perfected recombinant DNA technology which allowed them to mass produce growth hormone which was identical to the original hormone and could be injected. This of course is the predecessor that gave rise to the current gold standard in HGH treatments. So if you wonder if HGH injections are good or bad, consider this: with treatment, the list of HGH benefits will become very real for you, as you experience them on a daily basis. Here are just a few:
  1. Lose Excess Fat.A recent study in a major medical journal revealed that men who took HGH Injections lost on average 14% of their body fat. That is a result anyone would enjoy.
  2. Increased Muscle Mass.The same study showed that the same group of men who lost weight also gained on average 8.8% more lean muscle tissue. This is a result that has no peer in any gym anywhere. The news that you can lose weight and gain muscle with HGH Injections is welcomed everywhere.
  3. High Sex Drive.Celebrities and everyday people agree that HGH Injections most definitely put a much needed recharge into their personal lives. The “Three’s Company” actress Suzanne Somers, who has been an outspoken advocate for health as we get older, weighed in by stating that HGH was like “sex in a capsule.” Enough said.

Injections from Our Local Clinics

With the benefit of HGH injections, the therapeutic program is assured to be the best available. These clinics were created to cut through all of the misinformation and red tape that is out there standing between you and a successful treatment of a human GH deficiency. How is it done? Well in the US, HGH injections are controlled just like all medications of a prescription value are regulated: by our government agencies. Under current medical guidelines, a person can only obtain a prescription for HGH Injections when a proven need is established. In this case, that means having a verifiable GH deficiency. Once it is confirmed that you have such a condition, our doctors can treat you with any medication that they think will be most effective for your condition and overall symptoms. So, what should you do?
  1. First of all, place a call to us at GHDC. We know the process inside and out and as an added benefit can provide all the details about HGH injections.
  2. Your adviser can arrange a pituitary gland function test. This test is known as an IGF-1 Test. It will tell our medical staff exactly what is on your hormonal landscape, and let all of us know if the pituitary gland provides enough human GH to meet the demands of your body.
  3. Your comprehensive examination will let us know if help is required. If you have a deficient growth hormone level, we want you to know that. A doctor can prescribe HGH Injections which will eliminate the deficiency.
  4. Arrange with your HGH doctor to receive HGH injections.
  5. If appears to be a simple, cut and dry method of getting things done, that’s because it is. We encourage you to not over-complicate the process. We believe that anyone with a verified low GH level should be given the opportunity to do solve their problem with HGH injectables if they need them. That’s our promise to you.
We’d like to inform you that we use only the finest, purest pharmaceutical brands in the world. These brands trace their roots back to the very first recombinant DNA research by Genentech that made rhGH a medical possibility. They include:
  • Saizen (Serono)
  • Norditropin (Novo Nordisk)
  • Omnitrope (Sandoz)
  • Humatrope (Eli Lilly)
  • Genotropin (Pfizer)
The point of treating a deficiency with HGH injections ultimately comes down to one simple thing: results. After all, why would you make a huge decision like moving forward if in the end you didn’t come out different, indeed BETTER than you had been when you started? There wouldn’t be much point in it at all, and our current clients would tell you the same thing. They are living far more energetic, vigorous and healthy lives thanks to the science and application of HGH replacement treatment. There is a fine chance that their satisfaction with us will match your own.

Improve Your Life With HGH

There would be little point in talking about HGH Injections if you couldn’t improve your life with HGH. This is, of course, the reason you are thinking about doing something, isn’t it? We happen to think this is true, so to that end we wish to provide some pointers on what you lies ahead. How about:
  • Increased hunger for intimacy: the kind experience as a younger person
  • Weight loss: easy and reliable weight reduction, up to 14% dropped in 6 months
  • Muscle gain: studies show men gaining 8.8% more muscle in 6 months
  • Greater strength: meet the challenges of life
  • Better sleep: get into an REM (rapid eye movement) state faster and longer
  • Clearer thinking: have the ability solve issues easier
  • Lower cholesterol: clear out those bad lipids
  • Improved vision: sharpen your short and long distance sight
  • Decrease adipose tissue
  • Improve moods: HGH injections are indicated in relieving depression
  • Better overall health
Since the earliest recipients of HGH injections back in the mid 1980’s were primarily children who had exhibited a severe GH deficiency in their developmental years, naturally researchers didn’t start to even consider a “quality of life” issue coming into play with rhGH treatment until those patients got a bit older and came to full blown adulthood. In those early days, the thinking was that you would stop taking the HGH Injections once you were fully grown. Once these patients grew up, they were happy to give them up … at first. While doctors and researchers had admitted that the indications of a GH deficiency primarily involved the questions of growth and development, what they hadn’t fully considered was that these HGH benefits might carry over into unintended and unexpected ways that would positively affect the quality of the study/treatment group’s life. The patients who received HGH replacement treatment as children were now called back to try it again. These patients are what we now call very fortunate indeed! They came back with a host of everyday problems. They exhibited reduced mental sharpness, physical energy and enthusiasm for social situations. They had excess fat and decreased muscle mass. Their libido was low, and they had early signs of heart disease. In addition, they had poor bone density leaving them open to bone problems. In short they felt like you might feel now. Low energy, apathy toward personal relationships and fatigue are common in people with an undiagnosed and untreated HGH deficiency. With no guaranteed outcome in place, the patients began receiving HGH injections once again. In very short order (six months seems to be a turning point for real HGH benefits), the group began reporting that they had experienced a major improvement in their lives. Not surprisingly, the clients at our own local HGH clinics report similar results everyday. HGH Injections
  1. They lost weight easily.
  2. They gained muscle tone unknown to them at the outset.
  3. They had increased energy in every area of life.
  4. Their interest in romance increased dramatically.
  5. Their cholesterol levels were healthier.
  6. Their bone density increased.
  7. They slept better.
  8. They were in a better mood all the time.
  9. Their overall health went off the charts with improvement.
While these studies were conducted in the mid 1990’s, it didn’t become publically fashionable to talk about HGH injections until the Internet blossomed and people were able to read about GH treatment and think about the positive health consequences that seeking them might have in their own adult lives. It was not long before major pharmaceutical companies followed up this new way of connecting HGH Injections as it related to positive life issues of modern people. The medications that we offer here, the doctor prescribed HGH injectables which provide similar impact to you that were found very beginning, are because of that development. Knowing all of this, we encourage you strongly to go ahead and reach out to us here at our center dedicated to improving your health. Our treatment options are designed to bring you the real results that spell the difference. It is a difference between getting the same HGH benefits that those research subjects had back in the 1990’s or paddling around in the deep end by wasting your time, hard earned money and jeopardizing your health. The choice is clear once you have done the research … and we feel pretty confident that you just did. So feel free to call us during normal business hours at 877-925-5577. Whatever questions you may have, we are here to answer them. We look forward to showing you the way forward to better health, higher energy and an amazing transformation for your body. Just picture yourself with less fat, more muscle and a ton of other health benefits, you already have reason enough to call us and learn more.