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Total Testosterone: What Is An Average Testosterone Level By Age?

What is Average Testosterone Level by Age

What is an average testosterone level by age? Different sources site varying levels of total testosterone levels that they deem as average, too high and too low for both men and women. Total testosterone is the hormone that is connected to two different types of proteins within the blood, including sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).

There are many factors that are used in deciding what makes average total testosterone levels by age:

  • Gender
  • Body chemistry
  • Body weight (BMI)
  • Does the person smoke
  • Demographics
  • Environmental conditions

All of the above factors play a role in determining what average total testosterone levels by age should be. As an example, the University of Rochester Medical Center has certain ranges for male testosterone levels. Below is a chart that will show these numbers. One can say that anything in between the range is considered “average” or “normal.”

Average testosterone levels by age chart for men, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center:

30 to 40 219 ng/dL – 1009 ng/dL
40 to 50 201 ng/dL – 993 ng/dL
50 to 60 170 ng/dL – 918 ng/dL
Over 60 156 ng/dL – 700 ng/dL

All men differ and therefore and their testosterone level numbers will vary. One should not be surprised if one testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) clinic states that a man’s numbers are “normal” and another clinic says that they are “too high” or “too low.” Falling outside of the range of “average” testosterone levels by a little bit should not be a cause for great concern.

The popular source WebMD states that “normal” testosterone levels for men between ages 30 and 60 should be between 300 ng/dL and 800 ng/dL. This differs from a University’s numbers. Other sources will cite continued varying numbers.

What is important is to listen to your body and to your trusted doctor. If you have testosterone levels that are considered to be too low according to one clinic and not another, but you are feeling well, this should not be cause for concern. Testosterone levels should be monitored regularly to make sure that they do not drop too much and cause unpleasant symptoms to begin.

The sooner a person catches depleting hormone levels, the better off they will be to stop symptoms before they start. For continued good health, make sure that your annual blood work contains testing for testosterone levels.

Free Testosterone: Free Testosterone Levels By Age For Men And Women

There are both free testosterone levels and total testosterone levels to take into consideration for both men’s and women’s health. Free testosterone is the hormone that is not bound to any proteins in the person’s blood stream. These levels tend to drop faster than total testosterone levels as a person ages.

Average free testosterone levels by age chart for men are:

Age of Male Average Levels of Free Testosterone
30 to 40 10.3 pg/mL
40 to 50 9.1 pg/mL
50 to 60 8.3 pg/mL
Over 60 6.9 pg/mL

According to the chart above, any free testosterone levels below 10.3 pg/mL for men would mean that their levels were low. Any levels above 10.3 pg/mL would mean that the man’s levels were too high. However, again, it is important to take into consideration that numbers vary by clinic and that if a number is just out of what is considered to be a “normal range,” a person should not become overly concerned. There are other health factors to take into consideration and these will all be discussed with the diagnosing, prescribing and supervising licensed doctor.

It is always best to stay calm when you hear or see your testosterone levels and allow the doctor to explain them. The doctor will also let you know the best way to get your free testosterone levels into the correct range for optimal health for your unique body.

Average free testosterone levels by age chart for females are:

Age of Female Average Levels of Free Testosterone
30 to 40 6.4 pg/mL
40 to 50 5.4 pg/mL
50 to 60 4.59 pg/mL
Over 60 3.91 pg/mL

Females also need testosterone in their body’s, but a lot less than men will need. This does not mean; however, that testosterone is not vital for women. Females must also have correct amounts of testosterone in their blood stream for optimal health. If both total and free testosterone levels in women are not in the correct range for their specific body type, age, body composition and other factors, they may begin to feel negative symptoms.

Testosterone replacement therapy with a trusted and honorable TRT clinic can help both men and women to feel great, strong and alive at any age over 30. For more information about what is an average testosterone level by age, please reach out to us by using our online contact form. Speak to an expert clinical advisor about your unique situation and how TRT can possibly help you to be your best.