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Are HGH Injections Legal in the US?

Are HGH Injections Legal

Human growth hormone injections may seem like the next fad, yet they are a beneficial medical treatment for adults diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency (GHD). Ask anyone with GHD what it is like, and they will tell you that the overwhelming fatigue, brain fog, achy joints, insomnia, and low libido zap the enjoyment out of life. That is why we want to explain the answer to the question – are HGH injections legal.

Legal HGH injections are the primary treatment for GHD in adults. When the pituitary gland cannot or does not produce enough growth hormone (GH), it is up to doctors to supplement using human growth hormone therapy. As with other types of hormone replacement, HGH offers a biologically identical version of the hormone to the body.

Are HGH injections legal? As a medically prescribed treatment, HGH is legal!

What Makes HGH Injections Legal or Illegal?

Numerous factors go into the determination of the legality of HGH injections. We will explore those in this section.

Are HGH injections legal or illegal for adults?

Three primary factors go into the determination of whether HGH injections are legal or illegal. When used legally, HGH is a vital medical treatment that provides the body with significant benefits. With illegal use, a person faces the risk of side effects and judicial prosecution. What makes HGH injections legal are the following factors:
  • Prescription A valid doctor’s prescription is required to buy HGH in the US. The purpose of physician authorization is to ensure that only those individuals who need and can benefit from HGH therapy receive this medication. The prescribed dosage prevents GH levels from getting too high and causing unwanted side effects and health risks. HGH is a controlled medication and cannot be sold or purchased without a prescription.
  • Intent for Use The reason for usage is another factor that makes HGH legal or illegal. HGH is authorized to treat symptoms associated with GHD. It is not lawful for bodybuilding, sports enhancement, or anti-aging purposes.
  • Place of Purchase The only place to purchase legal HGH injections in the US is from a licensed and regulated pharmacy with proper medical authorization. Any other attempt to buy HGH without a prescription, including from websites advertised on the internet, is illegal.

How Do I Get Legal HGH Injections in the US?

If you are looking to learn how to get HGH injections legally in the US, the first thing to do is to contact a hormone clinic. Ignore all those websites that tell you to leave the country and travel to Costa Rica, Mexico, or other places to get cheap HGH. By the time you add in travel expenses, you will likely end up paying more for your HGH therapy than if you stay home and contact Greenberg Health. Here in the US, you can contact a hormone specialist via telemedicine. Medical phone consultations have been a staple of our hormone practice for many years – long before they were mainstream. By bringing some of the most experienced hormone specialists in the country to you, no matter where you live, you can get the same excellent service and care as everyone else.

Are HGH injections legal when prescribed via telemedicine consultations?

Yes, our hormone clinic requires the same blood tests (offered nationally at pre-arranged low costs), examinations (with any doctor), and health forms (online) as any other medical facility. Best of all, our phone consultations are free of charge and private for added confidentiality. For additional information about how to buy legal HGH injections in the US, please contact Greenberg Health for your free consultation.